Activex filtering and tracking protection

Activex filtering and tracking protection

Internet Explorer privacy statement

ActiveX Controls are pieces of software that supplement how your browser works. For example, some ActiveX Controls can play audio, video, or show images on a webpage. These controls may have an impact on the performance, security, and reliability of Internet Explorer. ActiveX Filtering lets you browse the web with these controls turned off. When you view a webpage that has had ActiveX Controls filtered out, some content on the page might be turned off.

Activex filtering and tracking protection

Prevent deleting ActiveX Filtering Tracking Protection and Do Not Track data

To delete your browsing data, check the types of data that you want to delete. Then, choose if you want to enable or disable the ”Keep data from favorites when deleting history” switch. Enabling this will delete all your browsing data while disabling it will still keep historical data for the websites that are in your list of favorites.

What happened?

In this article I will show you how to clean Internet Explorer. This is not to be confused with an Internet Explorer reset. An Internet Explorer reset will, um, reset Internet Explorer *settings* back to their default configuration like when first installed on your pc, while cleaning Internet Explorer cleans out your internet usage history and deletes temporary files.

Activex filtering and tracking protection

Block ads and super-cookies before they can download

IE11’s Delete Browsing History data components should now be displayed, each accompanied by a check box. When checked, that particular item will be removed from your hard drive whenever you initiate the deletion process. These components are as follows.

Using ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9

Select ActiveX Filtering and Tracking Protection data, and click Delete. (Note that this does much more. In addition to clearing ActiveX Filtering data, this also wipes out Personalized Tracking Protection List, the one which Internet Explorer automatically generates. Downloaded Tracking Protection Lists aren’t affected though.)

Enable ActiveX Filter & Tracking Protection In Internet Explorer 9

We all know that Internet Explorer 9 comes with some of its inbuilt functions which helps us to browse the web with more security and safely way. No doubt Internet Explorer 9 is best ever edition among all its predecessors. So most of Windows users prefer it and me too.

Click "Internet Options"

On the Internet Options window there are a number of tabs along the top, each with their own set of controls you can change. However the first tab which appears contains a section labelled Browsing history. It contains Delete… and Settings buttons.

Activex filtering and tracking protection


Disabled by default, this setting determines whether IE 11 uses 64-bit processes (for better security) or 32-bit processes (for better compatibility) when running in Enhanced Protected Mode on 64-bit versions of Windows. I suspect most enterprises will be running 64-bit Windows. Whether or not you use Enhanced Protected Mode will likely vary depending on your application and security needs.