Activex filtering not working

Activex filtering not working

Internet Explorer is om veiligheidsredenen mogelijk niet geconfigureerd om ActiveX-besturingselementen te downloaden of uit te voeren. Als u bepaalde geavanceerde beveiligingsinstellingen wijzigt, kunt u de besturingselementen wel downloaden, installeren en uitvoeren, maar uw pc is mogelijk kwetsbaarder voor bedreigingen. Wijzig geavanceerde ActiveX-instellingen alleen als u zeker weet dat u bereid bent het risiconiveau voor uw pc te verhogen. 

How to use ActiveX Controls for Internet Explorer 11

The goal of ActiveX technology is to simplify playback of rich media including videos, animations, and other file types. Because of this, you’ll find ActiveX controls embedded into some of your favorite websites. The downside of ActiveX is that it is not the safest technology around. These inherent security risks are the main reason for IE11’s ActiveX Filtering feature, which offers the ability to allow ActiveX controls to run on only the sites that you trust.

Activex filtering not working

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Years ago, Microsoft brought its component-oriented software technologies to the web in the form of ActiveX, a lightweight and simplified version of the COM (Component Object Model) technology it had previously created for Windows. ActiveX was a good idea in that it allowed web developers to add more sophisticated capabilities to their sites in an age when the web was in its infancy and native capabilities were unimpressive.

This policy setting controls the ActiveX Filtering feature for websites that are running ActiveX controls. The user can choose to turn off ActiveX Filtering for specific websites so that ActiveX controls can run properly.If you enable this policy setting ActiveX Filtering is enabled by default for the user. The user cannot turn off ActiveX Filtering although they may add per-site exceptions.If you disable or do not configure this policy setting ActiveX Filtering is not enabled by default for the user. The user can turn ActiveX Filtering on or off.

What ActiveX Controls Do

ActiveX controls are essentially pieces of software and have access to your entire computer if you opt to install and run them. If you’re using Internet Explorer, websites can prompt you to install ActiveX controls — and this feature can be used for malicious purposes.

Activex filtering not working

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ActiveX controls, like other add-ons, are designed to enhance your browsing experience. And, like other add-ons, sometimes they don’t. The good news is that you can disable them. If the only reason you are trying to get rid of an ActiveX control is that you think it is a security risk, don’t bother. There was a security flaw years ago, but those issues have since been addressed.

Known Bugs and Issues

To correct this error, click on the Start button and go to the Control Panel.  In there, open Internet Options.  Click on the Security tab up top and click on the Custom level button.  Scroll down to ActiveX controls and plug-ins and Disable the portion that says Allow ActiveX Filtering.

Activex filtering not working

Allow ActiveX Controls Automatically over Group Policy

When you get a call from your customer asking why they cannot browse the new web app their primary software company just deployed you wonder…did they see the yellow bar that popped up at the top of their browser asking them to click and say YES! Probably not. This is a way to prevent those calls and auto approve ActiveX Controls through Group Policy.