Bil electrical meaning

Bil electrical meaning

In the design of lines and equipment considering the minimum level of insulation required, it is necessary to define surge voltage in terms of its peak value and return to lower values in terms of time or duration. Although the peak voltage may be considerably higher than normal voltage, the stress in the insulation may exist for only a very short period of time.

Basic Insulation Level Definition

Whenever a over voltage surge appears in the system, it is discharged through surge protecting devices before the equipments of the system gets damaged. Hence, the insulation of such equipment must be designed to withstand a certain minimum voltage before the over voltage surge gets discharged through surge protecting protection devices. Hence, operating voltage level of surge protecting devices must be lower than the said minimum voltage withstanding level of the equipment. This minimum voltage rating is defined as BIL or basic insulation level of electrical equipment.

Bil electrical meaning

BIL is an abbreviation for Basic Impulse Level. Impulse tests are dielectric tests that consist of the application of a high frequency steep wave front voltage between windings, and between windings and ground. The BIL of a transformer is a method of expressing the voltage surge that a transformer will tolerate without breakdown.

Bil electrical meaning

BIL stands for Basic Impulse Level (electrical power switches)

Presently 6.0 cents per kWh is included in the base rate for the cost of wholesale power. When the cost of power is greater than the amount included in the base rate, the Power Cost Adjustment is a charge. When the cost is less, the Power Cost Adjustment is a credit. Clay Electric had a Power Cost Adjustment credit from 1996 until 2000. In more recent years, the cost of fuel used to generate the power we buy has exceeded the amount in the base rate. Therefore, the Power Cost Adjustment has been a charge.

Bil electrical meaning

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Bil electrical meaning

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