Bill nye the science guy time zones

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The Geochron allows any observer to determine what time it is anywhere in the world. Physically the Geochron looks like a framed world map, about 2×3 ft. in size. The colorful map itself is an endless belt that is driven slowly from left to right by an electric clock motor in synchronism with the rotation of the earth. All known legal time zone boundaries are delineated on the map by dark blue lines which in most cases, converge on lettered pointers on the top edge of the map. These letters identify the standard time zones and also represent the short wave radio prefix for that zone.

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“Celebrities really want to get on the show,” Nye declared in the panel. “People want to do something. They are making a statement or making a difference or participating in science. You know, nowadays there’s a phrase everybody uses: ‘fact based.’ We’re trying to celebrate that. So we have a scientific point of view on a lot of I think very interesting topics and it’s limitless.”

Bill nye the science guy time zones

Bill Nye the Science Guy is here to help you unleash your inner nerd and fix the world

Bill Nye’s Wikipedia page bills him by turns an engineer, actor and ardent climate change advocate. But stealing a moment with Bill before we hit the stage for our live audience Q&A at his latest book’s Toronto launch, I’m not sure that middle title – actor – rings entirely true. Off-mic and in the flesh, to speak with author William Sanford Nye is to speak with Bill Nye the Science Guy himself: eyebrows, bow tie, big grin and all.

Bill nye the science guy time zones

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As your eye sweeps across the images on this page, the Sun’s shadow will sweep across the faces of the dials. Kids and grownups, classrooms and clubs, around the world will gain a palpable sense of how the Sun illuminates the round globe that is our Earth—and how the Sun’s passage across the sky controls time around the world.

Bill nye the science guy time zones

Now Bill Nye has, very unfortunately, joined what can only be characterized as a peculiar anti-intellectual fray. (And no, contra popular opinion, one can be an intellectual and yet behave in an anti-intellectual fashion in certain domains.)

I vaguely remember reading an interview a long while back when your show was still on where you said you liked model trains? Was that why most episodes of the show had train stuff in them (like the model trains carrying the planets in the solar system one)?

Not that the species has totally disappeared, but fungi brought over on Asian chestnuts in the early 1900s has wiped out billions of trees. There are still millions of American chestnuts left, but they’re sterile, incapable of reproducing. Extinction is a given if steps aren’t taken.

Asked about the heated rhetoric surrounding the climate change debate, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s previous comments that some climate skeptics should be prosecuted as war criminals, Mr. Nye replied, “We’ll see what happens.”


The science enthusiast and mechanical engineer is deep in thought when first given a series of corrugated cardboard pieces. After studying the pieces, Nye gets to work and puts together a fishing rod.

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A throng of screaming young people shows up to tick this box within the first few minutes, all praising the TV show host and science educator. Some of them come on camera to blame his public-television series for their adult pursuit of scientific studies. Others, like a gang of four 18-year-olds in military fatigues, laugh when they admit they were just happy when the words "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" played on a VCR during a school day.

Canada’s highest-ranking science geek, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, shared a stage with Bill Nye the Science Guy at the University of Ottawa today — and shared a teachable moment on the subject of oil pipelines.