Bill of rights ordinance


The Northwest Ordinance also addressed the equality of the rights of citizens of the new states with the rights of citizens of the states that had fought the Revolution. Listed were some fundamental rights of citizens including trial by jury, habeas corpus, due process, and religious freedom. Excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishments were banned. Slavery was also banned in new territories, though fugitive slaves who escaped to a new state would be returned to their masters.

Bill of rights ordinance

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It strictly limits employers ability to post or modify employee schedules and imposes heavy penalties for employers who do so. The law went into effect in October 2015 and was fully in effect in 2016. Backed by major unions, the law was a response to decreased union membership and, as a result, negotiating power. Unionized companies are exempt from the increased documentation and restrictive communication with employees regarding schedules (no texts or calls). 

Bill of rights ordinance

News reports from across the country and publicity from interested organizations about litigation involving so-called “community bill of rights” ordinances have become more commonplace in recent months. These ordinances seek to ban, among other activities, lawful oil and gas operations. These efforts are bringing the significant legal, economic, and political issues to the attention of the public outside the municipalities involved—something both proponents and opponents of these ordinances want, but for different reasons.

In 2014, CELDF assisted Grant Township to draft a Community Bill of Rights ordinance prohibiting the dumping of toxic frack waste within the community. The Township adopted the measure, joining more than a dozen other communities across the state who have banned fracking activities as well.

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Local communities can safeguard the civil rights and liberties of their residents by enacting local laws that can put your community on the offensive and put a cog in any President’s plans to trample on the Bill of Rights.

National Community Rights Network Endorses New Hampshire Town’s Community Bill of Rights Ordinance

NEW HAMPSHIRE: This month, the National Community Rights Network (NCRN) endorsed Barrington, New Hampshire’s Community Bill of Rights Ordinance. The rights- based ordinance secures the rights of residents to clean water, air, and scenic preservation, and bans resource extraction that would violate those rights. Residents drafted the ordinance with help from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF). They are advancing it for Town Meeting vote in 2016.

Sustainability Bill of Rights: A New Paradigm to Protect Environment and People

This is a bold ordinance that is groundbreaking in many ways, including by its attention to implementation through a strong Sustainable City Plan, which is being updated now. But this is just the first step in a city of 100,000 people.

Bill of rights ordinance

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Thursday, a Seattle City Council committee will begin working on a “domestic workers’ bill of rights,” a new ordinance that sets rules for nannies, house cleaners, gardeners, and more including a minimum wage and rest breaks.