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Today a new interview with Bill Ward by Julian Marszalek of “The Quietus” is out where Bill talks about many things Black Sabbath, from the early days, bands before Black Sabbath, the 2011 press conference, and his being removed from old press photos of the band.  Make sure and read it today!

Bill ward author

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My mission is to help everyone feel the way that I do: That life is good, and wine can be an integral part of a good life—and a source of comfort and joy rather than consternation and angst. This site is intended to allow you to dip your toes or delve deeply into the wondrous world of wine, filled with engaging people and entrancing places. And some seriously tasty fermented grape juice.

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March 31, 2017 Big Week for Home Builders Bill Ward, Executive Vice President, HBAI Committee deadline in the Illinois House of Representatives is a big week for anyone who can be affected by Illinois State Government, and that’s pretty much everyone in Illinois. Here’s an update on some of the bills affecting the home construction

How I Helped Save an Author from Obscurity

It started when I became enamored with paperback series western hero Tom Buchanan by Jonas Ward. I started searching for the author to find out more about him. This was the dawn of the Internet age when if you did a search for The Beatles, 25 entries came up.

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In the final hours of Minnesota’s 2013 legislative session, Rep. John Ward, DFL-Baxter, chief-authored a compromise $176 million bonding bill. The bill included $20 million for flood mitigation, $109 million for Capitol restoration, $19 million for the Minneapolis Veterans Home, and $8 million in matching clean water grants. The bill passed with broad bipartisan support 122-10.

Bill ward author

by Bill Ward face eforturi permanente pentru a păstra acurateţea informaţiilor din acestă pagină. Rareori acestea pot conţine inadvertenţe: fotografia are caracter informativ şi poate conţine accesorii neincluse în pachetele standard, unele specificaţii pot fi modificate de catre producător fără preaviz sau pot conţine erori de operare. Toate promoţiile prezente în site sunt valabile în limita stocului.

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“It is the primary doctrine, the sect, of Saudi Arabia that was founded or created 200 years ago by Abdul Wahhab, which is where it gets its name ‘Wahhabism.’ And the Saudis would prefer not to hear this word but that is what the outside world had referred to this doctrine.

Bill ward author

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Note from Jason: This is a guest post from Bill Ward,  the Star Tribune’s wine columnist and producer of awesomeness at Photo to the right from The Wine Thief’s Facebook page. *** At this time of year, we tend to look back in time. But usually only to this particular annum. I’m hopping into the