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The Billy Meier Case is one of the most famous, and most controversial, UFO contactee cases in modern UFOlogy. Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier claims to have been in contact with "extra-terrestrial humans" since he was five years old. Now in his seventies, he claims to still be in regular contact with these "extra-terrestrial humans" whom he calls "The Plejarans". Throughout the years he has presented various forms of evidence to support his claims of extra-terrestrial contact.

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This one-armed farmer from Switzerland has taken hundreds of the most startling photos in UFO History and has even filmed what he refers to as “Beam Ships” used by sentient beings that hail from a star system near the Pleiades. He has been able to produce photographs, film footage, sound recordings and even metal samples as evidence of his visitations.

Billy meier

FAKE UFO News: “The Billy Meier Story” DEBUNKED

Probably one of the greatest UFO stories that spawned the New Age belief in contact with aliens is—The Billy Meier Story. As usual, humans are quite astute at story-telling (Spirit Channelers) and Billy Meier achieved legendary status in UFO folklore. His visually convincing flying saucers and elaborate tale of contact with aliens enchanted millions worldwide into a FAKE UFO story.

Initial Contact And “Development!”

Eduard “Billy” Meier is arguably one of the most controversial figures in the UFO and extraterrestrial field. It is perhaps no understatement to say he is the contemporary version of George Adamski, the alleged contactee from the late-1950s and 1960s. Although many viewed Adamski as a hoaxer, and even his most ardent supporters would claim some of the later “sightings” were stretching the truth, many believe his initial information was genuine.

NEW Prophecies and Predictions from Billy Meier

This however is a process different from that of all the prophecies and predictions which originate partly from as long ago as the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and are also found partly in the book ‘Prophetien und Voraussagen’.  A great many predictions mentioned in this book, as well as many other things which I have made predictions about in open letters and bulletins, have since then actually come true and are happening now, as also will continue to be the case in the future.


I continue to be fascinated with the Swiss farmer who has, in my opinion, been engaged in a many-decade UFO hoax – Billy Meier. My fascination comes from the obviously terrible quality of his hoax and the lameness of his excuses for failure, combined with the fact that there are still those who believe him. It is, if nothing else, a natural experiment in human gullibility with the conclusion that there appears to be no limit this phenomenon.

Billy meier

The Curious Case of Billy Meier Who Claims to Have Contacts with Aliens

With all the buzz about extra-terrestrials, this case fit right in. In a nutshell, Billy Meier claims he has been visited by aliens, the Plejaren to be exact, for most of his life.

Billy Meier Did Not Predict The Paris Terrorist Attacks

As is the case with many significant events in history, there are those who will profess that the event was foreseen or prophesied. The terrorist attacks in Paris this last Friday are no exception.