Billy y las botas

Billy y las botas

Billy y las Botas: The Graphic Novel

For the past 5 months, Juan Carlos Pinilla and I have been creatinga 52-page, full color graphic novel that tells the story of how Billy the Scarf meets and falls in love with The Boots.  Adapted from my popular music video of the same name, this comic is not just a faithful retelling.  Rather, it features new insights into beloved characters, hilarious new dialogue, and exciting action sequences.  Plus, readers will finally learn the restored original ending that was cut from the video.

Billy y las botas

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Una opens her eyes. She blinks. A blank wall, which looks like one she used to see at the doctor's. Wall. Black. Wall. She hears a deep voice she doesn't recognize, "Shelly, I see a possible entry point for stabilization!" Una hears foot steps along with beeping machines. Beep. "Shelly, plug in the-"  Beep. "-entry point entropication for-" His voice trails off. Beep. Black. She suddenly opens her eyes. She sees Otra's boot bottom. She braces for impact. She feels the pain, over and over again. Pain.

Billy y las botas

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Overall, my students seem to enjoy the book!  I believe that this is due to a few things.  Señor Wooly really gets kids.  They think his jokes are pretty funny- if not corny, but they like it!  In addition, the pictures have some great details to talk about!  It is fun to really look at pictures the way that you may not in a book.  I highly encourage you to look at this graphic novel if you haven’t!  Also, let me know how you are using this novel if you are!

Billy y las botas

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Snoop Dogg es súper fan de la serie de moda.

Billy Kimber era un corredor de apuestas que manejaba carreras de todo el Reino Unido, y logró el objetivo de Tommy de morir siendo un hombre de negocios legal. De todas maneras, Kimber murió en un hogar de ancianos en Torquay a la edad de 63 años, no a manos de un Shelby.

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Martina está acostumbrada a ver a niños en su escuela con las puntas de baile, incluso ha ido ya en dos ocasiones al teatro a ver ballet, por lo que está familiarizada con el hecho de que los niños bailen ballet al igual que lo hacen las niñas. No lo ve extraño ni le llama la atención.

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