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If you are looking for a remote starter, the choice may seem overwhelming because vehicles are becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of their electronic components. You can trust UniglassPlus-Ziebart to help you make the right choice. Our highly competent technicians are certified, and they undergo continuous training to be familiar with the latest technologies.

Car starter ziebart

Remote starter for your car? Here are some buying tips

" Remote starts are absolutely not for do-it-yourselfers anymore," said Bob Peterson, owner of New Brighton Service in New Brighton. The units are easier to install in older vehicles without anti-theft devices, he said, but weekend warriors who want to give it a shot should have electrical experience. "The biggest problem I see is connection failures. Guys use crimp connectors when they should be soldered."

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Do you hate starting out your mornings scraping the snow and ice off your windows? Are you tired of driving in a freezing cold car? Ger ready, the snow is coming!  Purchase an automatic car starter with keyless remote entry from Ziebart and start your mornings off with a warm, cleaned off car. Get your remote start system professionally installed at Ziebart for the convenience of staying warm, cool, safe and secure all year around.   

Car starter ziebart

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Causes: Someone accidentally pressed the combination of buttons to put the car into valet mode, usually when the remote is in a purse or pocket. Also, many remote car starters will revert to valet mode when the vehicle is disconnected for service.

Car starter ziebart

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Autostart AS-2371TW-FM is reknown for it’s Incredible range, ruggedness and compact design transmitter. The Autostart AS-2371TW-FM includes all the practical features and ruggedness of a 2-way LCD transmitter but with the simplicity of a 1-way system. All information is easily read and translated through a simple patented button illumination and audible confirmation system.

Car starter ziebart


No. By law, installing an aftermarket car alarm (virtually any aftermarket products) or anti-theft device, provided it is installed correctly, cannot void a warranty. I  one is installed incorrectly and it destroys you car’s computer system, that could void the warranty. Generally, aftermarket products cannot void your warranty–within reason. However, installing certain types of alarms can provide a discount on car insurance, and you should check with your agent to see what types of alarm qualifies.

Car starter ziebart

The Great Lie: A Remote Start Will Void My Car Warranty

Basically, the law says that a vehicle manufacturer can’t void your warranty simply because aftermarket parts have been installed or someone other than the dealer performs your service work, unless the manufacturer has been able to convince the FTC that the restriction is in the public interest. This is rare because it’s a very high hurdle to pass!

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