Generator hho diesel

Generator hho diesel

 HHO testing and Results

This is a brief summary of the key findings of my research into HHO injection for over 8 years.  I have spent a number of years visiting many countries throughout the world. I have consulted or talked to over 100 companies, scientists, engineers and experimenters over the years.  I have analysed  thousands of results of on-road studies, in addition to being involved with  many high level tests in motor and dyno labs at both Government and private facilities located Australia and the USA. I was very lucky to be part of all of this research and testing.

Generator hho diesel

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This Ultra Slim 883 HHO Generator is the also among the most compact generators, for its size and class! The 883 series generator is designed for all LARGE sized Cars and Trucks. Its 19 plate generator is only 3.5" thick and 8" Diameter (size of a paper plate), so it can fit, even when there is no room for the others. 

The long answer: Because our kits create a unique form of hydrogen-oxygen gas, (which is very energetic, and very combustible when ignited inside an engine), the HHO gas will work on any working engine that burns hydrocarbon fuel already. So it will work in all engines currently using gasoline (petrol), diesel, bio-diesel, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), and LPG (Liquid Propane Gas).

Generator hho diesel

Product Description

The invention is a unit that produces Hydrogen Gas (Browns Gas (HHO)) that can be used as an assist to diesel and gasoline engines. The gas is produced from distilled water, using our stainless steel plate design. The patent should apply to the internal plate placement and design. The internal design of the unit allows it to produce significantly more hydrogen, drawing significantly less current or electricity from its power source. The internal design is in the placement of positive, negative and neutral plates to produce the gas.

Does an HHO generator really work for petrol and diesel vehicles?

But making the hydrogen uses a lot of energy. More than you get back when you burn it. Storing the hydrogen in the car is not easy – high pressure tanks are heavy. You could set up a wind generator or solar panel to make hydrogen but that would be a big investment. And modifying your car to use hydrogen is also expensive…

Generator hho diesel

Can Hydrogen Injection save the diesel engine?

Safety is a major factor in our kits. Our titanium cells do not require any caustic materials such as potassium hydroxide. The only catalyst needed to effectively operate the dry cell is sodium sulfate. Sodium sulfate is a simple salt and completely harmless.

Generator HHO – profesjonalny zestaw do podłączenia w Twoim aucie

Generator HHO (wodoru) na tej aukcji jest kompletnym zestawem do podłączenia w każdym samochodzie osobowym do pojemności silnika max 3L, nie zależnie od rodzaju paliwa (diesel, benzyna gaz, HYBRYDA). Posiada korpus zbudowany z 7 blach 316L – jedyny w sprzedaży!

Generator hho diesel

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