Generator of a group knockout tournament

Generator of a group knockout tournament

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Using Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker is straightforward and very easy, just enter your tournament details, number of teams, name of tournament and its logo, then your teams and your schedule is instantly created and easily accessed via the app. Changes made to the schedule are updated instantly and in real-time. Bolla Round Robin Tournament Generator provides a host of features that make generating and scheduling any football – soccer game or tournament as easy as possible.

Generator of a group knockout tournament

Cup Fixture Generator Tool

As with MonsterDYP, every player is playing for themselves. However, it is not played for points, but for survival. Before the tournament starts, each player gets a fixed amount of lives that must be defended. Each round a new teammate is computed and you compete with another random team. The loser loses a life.

Generator of a group knockout tournament

Sport tournament template

In each file are 4 groups. If you want to add another group, copy one of the sheets and rename it (For example copy sheet named GroupD and rename it to GroupE). If you want to remove some of the group, just delete the group sheet.

Generator of a group knockout tournament


In a Round Robin tournament each player plays every other player exactly once. Each game is head-to-head. Each win awards one point and the winner is the player with the most points after all matches have finished. In a Double Round Robin tournament each player faces every other player twice instead of once.

Tournament Scheduling

A fixture type defines a template used for creating a draw of matches according to the defined pattern. To view the pattern or fixture template that will be followed for a given Fixture Type you can click on the "More Information" link next to the Fixture Type drop down box

Generator of a group knockout tournament


Uruguay won all three of its group matches and will play Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal. The host Russians won their first two to finish second and will take on Spain. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been eliminated.

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I have downloaded your program which I had hoped to use it to run a Bowls League. I need to alter the points awarded for win loose & draw to 2, 0,1. But I get a request for the password. I am a complete novice with Excel and would welcome your help with this.
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