Generator of wind turbine japan

Our leading-edge technologies are going into the development of wind turbine systems optimized to Japan’s climate. They offer highly efficient and reliable power generation with low maintenance costs and low noise levels. These systems are already in place in various parts of Japan, where they are contributing to more effective use of renewable energy sources.

Generator of wind turbine japan


Atsushi Shimizu is the inventor of the world’s first typhoon turbine—an extremely durable, eggbeater-shaped device that can not only withstand the awesome forces generated by a typhoon, it can convert all that power into useable energy. Shimizu’s calculations show that a sufficiently large array of his turbines could capture enough energy from a single typhoon to power Japan for 50 years.


Countries with most wind-energy capacity per capita (megawatts in 2008): 1) Denmark (581.6); 2) Spain (414.2); 3) Germany (290.1); 4) Portugal (268); 5) United States (83.6); 6) Italy (64.3); 7) France (53.4); 8) Britain (53.3); 9) China (9.2); 10) India (8.5); Rest of World (4.7).

Generator of wind turbine japan


The active blades pitch protects the turbine and optimises aerodynamic performance during the fiercest of operating conditions. In extreme winds, the blades can be feathered 90 degrees out of the wind which greatly reduces the wind load on the blades and turbine.  The blade pitching mechanism also serves as a very effective emergency brake.

Generator of wind turbine japan

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Hitachi Ltd.  and Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. have reached a basic agreement on the assignment of FHI’s wind turbine generator system business to Hitachi. Towards the completion of assignment, which is planned for July 1, 2012, Hitachi and FHI will discuss the specific terms of the future agreement.

Yasuhiko Watanabe, sales and public relations manager at Looop, said that although the solar panel sector has grown rapidly since the launch of the feed-in tariff in 2012, that rise is expected to slow down because the government lowered the purchase price for solar power last year and it is planning to drop it further.

Generator of wind turbine japan

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About 80 years ago electric dynamos for bicycles were invented. The were either attached to the front tire, or installed inside the front hub of the wheel, and when the wheel turns, enough energy is generated to power a headlight and tail light. Many mamacharis today come with a hub dynamo. These hub dynamos create much more energy than this pocket wind turbine, and are much less ugly.

Generator of wind turbine japan

Test to Stabilize Wind Power Output Using Compressed Air Energy Storage Gets Underway in Japan

A team of engineers from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Waseda University, the Institute of Applied Energy, and Kobe Steel Ltd. announced on April 20, 2017, the launch of verification testing of a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system in Kawazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, in central Japan. The goal is to stabilize wind power output, which is likely to fluctuate with changing wind conditions, for use on electrical grids.