Generator of wind turbine manufacturers

Generator of wind turbine manufacturers

Large wind turbine manufacturers

AVANTIS Energy Group is developer and producer of wind turbine generators (WTG) and focuses on modern and energy-efficient turbine design and economical manufacturing. The distinctive characteristic of the wind turbine is the gearless technology with the water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous…

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The key word here is "global" because Vestas was active in 34 markets in 2016, more than any other turbine maker, FTI Consulting says. There has been no let-up this year, with the company announcing substantial turbine-purchase orders in some hitherto unlikely places — from China and South Korea to Russia.

Generator of wind turbine manufacturers

Ten of the biggest and the best manufacturers

Hefty bills for the inspection and replacement of main bearings and rotor blades in a number of models, including its 3.6MW offshore turbine, together with delays and cost overruns in the installation and connection of substations in the North Sea, have been the main causes of the disappointing financial figures. The cost of taking the new 6-7MW offshore turbine platform into production has also had an impact.

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With the merger of Siemens and Gamesa, the company has become one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbines. Siemens Gamesa already has a strong foothold in North America, and is now expanding at a rapid pace in emerging economies like China, India, and Latin America. Though the company is facing tough competition in Germany, its expanded portfolio is sure to help it sail through.

Generator of wind turbine manufacturers


Most of small wind turbines were applied in homes, farms and villages. Residential wind turbine has a fast growth in past ten years. Aeolos developed the residential wind turbines from 500w to 20kw in 1992. In this article, Aeolos will introduce the residential wind turbines from the rated power, different types of wind turbine and inverters.

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At GE, product evolution is at our core, and we are continuously working to develop the next generation of wind energy. Beginning in 2002 with one wind turbine model, we now offer a full suite of turbines created for a variety of wind environments. We offer increased value to customers with proven performance, reliability, and availability. Our portfolioof turbines feature rated capacities from 1.7 MW to 4.8 MW (Onshore) and 6 MW to 12 MW (Offshore), we are uniquely suited to meet the needs of a broad range of wind regimes. 

Suzlon is India’s leading renewable energy solutions provider offering a 360-degree total solutions package to its customers that covers the entire spectrum of wind energy projects. For more than two decades, our turnkey solutions and lifetime support combined with the best-in-class products have created value for our customers throughout the globe.

Wind vs. Solar

By now you are probably thinking “why would these guys tell me the truth? They sell small wind turbines!”. Yup, guilty as charged. We also want happy customers, and the two are not reconcilable unless we are upfront with you, our customer. Truth is, wind turbine sales are a tiny part of our revenue, and while we would regret losing you, we will still be able to put food on our kids’ plates.