Generator qr code gratis erstellen

Generator qr code gratis erstellen

QR Code mit Design

Does the rise of QR codes mean traditional barcodes are a thing of the past? Of course not. Traditional barcodes are still a common way for businesses to identify consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and manage their product inventory.

Generator qr code gratis erstellen

How To Create A QR Code Business Card With Ease

Another great reason to place a QR code on your business card is for the perfect ice breaker. Often, when you hand someone your business card, they almost always look at it with you standing right in front of them. With a QR code, you may get asked the question, “what is this funny looking icon?” This is the perfect timing to explain to them exactly what it is, even whip out your phone and demonstrate it. That person will now walk away with your card in hand and remember who you were.

Generator qr code gratis erstellen

Professional plans available

Our powerful QR Code generator lets you create lace a logo, change the colors or the shape to customize your QR Codes in an instant. Still, there are several golden rules that can not be ignored to make sure your design QR Codes remains readable by your consumers. Two topics have to be considered when designing your QR Code:

Generator qr code gratis erstellen

QR-Codes erregen Aufmerksamkeit und fordern den Betrachter dazu auf, sein Smartphone zu zücken und den Code zu scannen. Er will wissen, was sich hinter dem geheimen Pixelcode verbirgt. Der Nutzer interagiert, dies bleibt deutlich länger in Erinnerung, als das bloße Betrachten eines Plakates oder einer Anzeige.

QR-Codes erstellen und scannen

Optisch lesbare Codes sind schon lange in unserem Alltag vorhanden und haben den Vorteil, dass sie sich mit Standard-Druck-Technik auf Papier oder Pappe drucken lassen. Man unterscheidet zwischen eindimensionalen Barcodes und zweidimensionalen QR-Codes.

Free QR Code Generator

The QR code is a brand of a specific two dimensional matrix barcode. It was created by the Toyota branch Denso Wave in 1994 due to the need for tracking automotive parts during the manufacturing processes. The matrix barcode is highly secure designed and can also be reconstructed if up to 30 percent of it has been destroyed.

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Please be sure to read the Notes and FAQ sections below before requesting help in the comments if you encounter any problems with code generation (Especially for Micro QR Codes or backslash characters you may encounter on some codes!).

PHP QR Code is open source (LGPL) library for generating QR Code, 2-dimensional barcode. Based on libqrencode C library, provides API for creating QR Code barcode images (PNG, JPEG thanks to GD2). Implemented purely in PHP, with no external dependencies (except GD2 if needed).

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ATTENTIONContact QR Codes cannot be changed afterwards. And as any piece of additional information creates a bigger QR Code – more information equals more QR Code pixels -, you should use only the absolute minimum of information necessary. The bigger the QR Code is respectively the smaller the QR Code pixels are, the more difficult it is to scan your code.