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We aim to create an event where audiences can come and enjoy live performances from artists around the country for free of charge, as well as this we aim to live stream it across the internet, challenging the perceptions around viewing the performance first hand or over the internet. 

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How to Set up Your Kickstarter Account

Using Facebook Connect to set up your Kickstarter account means your Facebook account is linked to everything you do on Kickstarter, as opposed to being able to promote and link to a specific campaign. Kickstarter allows you to create multiple campaigns off of one login; you may not want to link every campaign to your Facebook page if you end up doing more than one Kickstarter project.

Notable projects and creators

But you won’t get featured on the front page if you don’t have that initial surge of sales, and the best way to get that initial surge is to build a list of people who can’t wait to get it.

Tweet with a location

Define rules by calling Rack::Attack public methods, in any file that runs when your application is being initialized. For rails applications this means creating a new file named config-initializers-rack_attack.rb and writing your rules there.

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Why Kickstarter?

We launched our first product on Kickstarter in 2013 with the carbon fiber Flexy wallet. I say "we", but at the time it was really just me, with some part time help from my older brother and sometimes friends.

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Content? Check. Now let us help with the rest.

Knowing the printing costs helps you know how much crowdfunding you’ll need to raise for your book. Here are some rough estimates of how Kickstarter works. (Prices don’t include shipping, tax, and proof copies.)

Lucky for you, the internet exists. Crowdsourced design services (like 99designs. Oh hey!) allow up-and-coming entrepreneurs to get wow-worthy design for I-haven’t-even-run-a-successful-crowdfunding-campaign-yet prices.


We worked on the Storyclock Notebook and its Kickstarter campaign for over two years before launching it. During that time, we prototyped and tested every conceivable version of the notebook, studied tons and tons of Kickstarter campaigns, and read roughly one bajillion blogs and articles on the subject of crowdfunding. Here are a noteable few that directly influenced the way we did things: