Nyc doe suspension hearing office


A principal can suspend a student for one to five school days for behavior that presents a clear and present danger of physical injury to the student, other students or school personnel, or that prevents the orderly operation of classes or other school activities as authorized by the Discipline Code.

Nyc doe suspension hearing office

What If I Recieve A Superintendent Suspension?

Superintendent’s suspensions severely impact a student’s education—they are noted on a student’s permanent record. Suspended students have the right to a suspension hearing, to determine whether a student may continue to be suspended for her behavior, and if so, the length of time the student may be kept out of her regular school.

Know Your Rights: Students’ Rights and Responsibilities When Facing a Suspension

A Queens teacher was disciplined for defending herself against a menacing student after a hearing officer ruled she should have followed Michelle Obama’s famous advice: “When they go low, we go high.”

Nyc doe suspension hearing office

New York State Education Department

By letter dated November 16, 2011, the Chief Executive Officer in respondent’s Office of School and Youth Development (“CEO”) notified petitioner that J.N. was suspended, effective November 17, 2011.  Petitioner’s son was charged with engaging in behavior which resulted in injury by stabbing K.J. on his arm with a pocket knife and possession of a dangerous weapon, a pocket knife. 

Nyc doe suspension hearing office

In its first year of implementation, the change in suspension policy and the overall culture shift related to school discipline that the de Blasio administration has sought have yielded a dramatic decrease in student suspensions. The shift has been praised widely, but has also been met with resistance as some say schools are under-resourced to work with students who need to be out of the classroom and others say the policy is leading to a deterioration of school climate.

New York teachers face increasingly difficult challenges

Making Dreams a Reality: Support for Immigrant Students: With support from the New York State Assembly Office of the Speaker, LSNYC launched in 2012 Community College CONNECT, a citywide project to support NYC’s low-income immigrant community college students through legal advice, advocacy and community education. LSNYC advocates help students complete their education by providing information and advocacy to overcome obstacles that can derail students’ success including:

New York DOE & NYPD Commit to Confronting Arrest and Suspension Rates

The hearing concluded with a commitment from both the Department of Education and the NYPD School Safety Division to have a follow-up meeting this summer with PAC and any other community members present at the Hearing, to decide on action steps towards implementing specific recommendations raised in the Hearing for the coming school year.

Students Take on K-12 Suspensions in NYC’s Public Schools

Despite the reduction in suspension in New York City’s public schools in recent years, many students facing suspensions still encounter overly punitive charges that can mean significant time out of school and lead to them falling behind severely, and possibly dropping out.