Polaris atv starter just spins

Polaris atv starter just spins

Questions & Answers for: Polaris starter will not engage flywheel ATVs

…it and it ran fine, but still won't start with key (relay clicks). I jump the relay and the starter engages and starts. I have seen this on a few machines. Start tracing wires. Ground wire…

Polaris sportsman 400 4×4 starter spins but wont always engage…

If the battery passes its test Doing a voltage drop test, will test all of the cable and connections to the starter. Connect the volt meter black lead to the battery positive and the red lead to the starter solenoid end of the battery-to-solenoid wire. Depress starter button. Reading should be less than 0.1 V D.C. if it is over 0.1 VDC then Clean the battery-to-solenoid cable ends or replace the cable.

Technical Details

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ATV solenoid troubleshooting

We used the multimeter to test the solenoid as well, putting the black prong on the negative terminal of the battery and the red prong on (in succession) each of the three solenoid posts. We got a 12 V reading from the post that attaches to the positive side of the battery, a 9 V reading from the smallest post, and nothing from the big post at the bottom (that I think goes to the starter?). Assuming I did it right (a big assumption), the internet seems to suggest this means the solenoid is bad?

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I purchased this vehicle on the 4th of this month from xplorer400. Nice to see that he pretty much told me exactly what he knew about that was going on. You never know when you buy something used and not running. Lol I sort of stumbled across this post. I have gone through sort of similar things that he went through and then some.

ATV AnswerMan – May 2015

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Polaris atv starter just spins

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