Pump you up rock songs inspirational

Laidback Luke’s 20 Best Pump Up Songs

Music is the ultimate motivator. There’s nothing worse than getting to the gym and realizing your headphones are buried in a your jeans pocket at home. A good tune can push that run an extra mile and burn up the reps, something with a quick pace and a champion mindset.

Pump you up rock songs inspirational

The Best Pump Up Songs Playlist

A good pump up song is easy to come by. A great pump up song is somewhat harder. And a favorite pump up song is completely subjective. A favorite today may not always be that way. They can change based on mood, location, or even by what we are working out. For me, my favorites can sometimes change but I always find myself coming back to these songs. These are my current top ten favorite Hard Rock pump up songs.

Pump you up rock songs inspirational

Sia — “Unstoppable”

Come on, how is this not motivational.
Freddie was dying when he sang this beautiful song and it motivates that he was able to sing a song of such lyrics when he was too sick to get up.
Inside my heart may be breaking
My make up may be breaking
but my smile still stays on

Top 10 Motivational Songs for Sales and Marketing

Saving Abel fluctuate between relationship ballads and Southern-fried rock. "New Tattoo" is definitely in the latter category, offering a sexy story about a road-tripper, a good-looking hitchhiker and the misadventures that follow. Subtlety isn’t this band’s strong suit, but they know how to get hips shaking.

30 Best Workout Songs to Keep You Pumped

I have been writing something about myself or my everyday for almost 5 years now. It has been one of the greatest and most freeing experiences in my life because I can actually slow myself down to think about what’s truly happening around me as well as my part in it.

Most people treat journaling as something they “know they should do” but rarely ever take up the practice. And if they do, they fall off the wagon within a few months.

Pump you up rock songs inspirational

Want to spark your day? Try listening to these songs to boost your productivity.

Synth rock makes a great backdrop for trying to finish up a few emails or create a new marketing plan. This fantastic song by the Minneapolis band is so lush, especially when listening on a good pair of headphones, you might get that extra spark you need to finish your work.

11. "Look the new me is really still the real me" — In My Feelings

There’s no better song to prepare ladies for big, scary life-events than this song. The inspiration for this song came after Alicia gave birth to her son. Nothing like a powerful, targeted inspirational piece to fill you with courage before taking that step.

We asked and you answered — here are the songs that get you pumped up at work

I really enjoyed this post and used it as a great source to create a list of my own with links and genre organization! I compiled 300+ songs organized across the genres of Pop, Rock, Rap, Classic Rock, and Instrumental. All songs have iTunes links so you can download easily. If you need more songs take a look!