Rice suspension culture

Rice suspension cultured cells are evaluated as a model system to study salt responsive networks in plants using a combined proteomic and metabolomic profiling approach.

Cancer is one of the leading cause of mortality. Even though efficient drugs are being produced to treat cancer, conventional medicines are costly and have adverse effects. As a result, alternative treatments are being tried due to their low cost and little or no adverse effects. Our previous study identified one such alternative in rice callus suspension culture (RCSC) which was more efficient than Taxol® and Etoposide, in reducing the viability of human colon and renal cancer cells in culture with minimal or no effect on a normal cell line.

Rice suspension culture


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Rice suspension culture

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To address the need for effective, scalable, and active BChE, we have designed and studied a transgenic rice cell suspension culture for the production of BChE using the RAmy3D expression system. This study demonstrates semicontinuous bioreactor production of an active form of BChE, which with continued development, can provide a reliable system for production of this molecule as a therapeutic or prophylactic.


Mutations have been reported with tissue cultures of barely, wheat, rice, oat, tobacco and corn. Induced mutations have played an important role in improving various plant characters in different crop species. The characters in which improvement has been achieved include yield, disease resistance, drought tolerance, earliness, adaptability and other morphological characters. The mutagen of choice in many cultivated plants is HN3, formed from SA buffered at pH 3. Azide is only marginally mutagenic for humans and animals and Arabidopsis, it is therefore quite safe to use .

Rice suspension culture

Roger Goodell Defends Length of Ray Rice’s Suspension

In February, Rice was accused of assaulting his fiancée, Janay Palmer, who is now his wife, at a hotel in Atlantic City. A video of the episode surfaced and appeared to show Palmer unconscious. Rice was charged in March with felony assault, but those charges were dropped in favor of counseling.

Rice suspension culture

Ray Rice terminated by team, suspended by NFL after new violent video

Biologist Ramakrishna Wusirika and his team made their anti-cancer cocktail with blobs of rice stem-cells called calli, which they cultured in their lab using seeds of the garden-variety rice plant Oryza sativa. Then they collected secretions from these calli and applied them to colon and kidney cancer cells in the lab.

Callus (cell biology)

Under the amendments to the league’s policy announced by Goodell, players convicted in incidents of domestic violence face an automatic six-game suspension without pay; second offenses will bring lifetime bans. A range of factors, including whether a child was present, whether the victim was pregnant and whether firearms were involved, can lead to a longer initial suspension.