Sourdough starter tips

Handy sourdough tips

I am making my sourdough starter from 100% barley flour and will be using a mix of barley flour and bread (wheat) flour to make the bread – probably 2:1 ratio of barley:bread flour, with some extra wheat gluten added. Do you see any issues with this? I see most people using wheat, spelt or rye, but haven’t seen anyone else using barley……

7 Easy Steps to Making an Incredible Sourdough Starter From Scratch

It was a breakthrough, life changing in fact. To think that not only could I eat sourdough, but also explore the practice of bread making. However, I was intimidated to start. I’d heard stories of traveling with a sourdough starter to keep it alive, flour-water ratios, scientific baking words that I had no clue about, oven techniques, etc. Whoa.

10 Sourdough tips for beginners

When you first start baking sourdough it can be challenging to bake a great loaf. There are many things to learn and each time you bake you will learn something new. The challenge is part of the joy of learning to master sourdough.

Sourdough starter tips

Sourdough Baking Tips And Tricks

After you’ve baked with sourdough for some time you will learn all sorts of little tricks for creating different results and making sourdough work for you. Below are a few tips from our staff for baking sourdough bread:

Make sourdough bread – tips & tricks

Add ½ cup lukewarm water and 1 cup flour to the remainder of the starter in your bowl. Stir to combine. The starter will be fairly thick, like pancake batter.

Sourdough starter tips

Sourdough Tips for the Occasional User

Not sure you want to be a ‘slave’ to your sourdough starter? Even if you’ll only use it occasionally, you can have regular success baking with sourdough- and it’s worth it for that one-of-a-kind flavor (and the health benefits).

Managing Your Sourdough Starter

Once you have a viable sourdough culture, please know that it really isn’t a big deal to keep it alive and healthy. A good starter is naturally very hearty and robust. At a minimum, all you have to do is mix in some flour and water once in a while to keep it alive during periods when you’re baking infrequently. To keep it near optimum health, feed it once a week or so and keep it refrigerated. Watch this video and read the following points and you’ll know everything necessary to succeed.

Sourdough starter tips

Tartine Bread: Tips for Successful Sourdough

The book is practically everything you need to know in order to make bread just as Tartine: before yeast was a known, buyable substance (and so much more). I briefly attempted a sourdough starter last year and failed miserably so I was thrilled at the depth the book goes into. It practically reads like a novel. Plus, the photography is beautiful and extremely instructive.