Starter house reviews

Starter house reviews

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Book Love: The plot line and characters were perfect together. What I usually find in a book is that either the characters are lacking substance in an amazing plot line, or vice versa. However, I didn’t really find this in Starter House, which probably was the reason why I loved it so much. I wasn’t silently (or very loudly) complaining about the annoying characters, or how simple the plot line was.

Review – Starter House by Sonja Condit

From the moment Lacey sees the house with the beautiful wood staircase, she knows she’s found her dream home. Growing up rootless with her flighty mother, Ella Dane, a self-proclaimed psychic, Lacey is determined to give her unborn baby the stability she never had.


This four-bedroom, two-bath plan can fit a 60-by-88-foot lot with 20-foot front and rear yards. It’s basically a square shape that allows flexible roof massing to take advantage of different solar collector orientations. As with most starter homes, it also works well for the move-down market. 

Starter house reviews

The Marigold

Conceived with the vision of creating a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood of small cottages for first-time buyers, Harmony at Black Hill Farm achieves a density of 10 homes per acre while maintaining generous open spaces. Front porches, functional floor plans, and two-car garages along rear lanes combine with an assortment of outdoor living spaces to provide appealing and affordable starter homes.

Starter house reviews

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The startling fact that a growing percentage of the population simply cannot afford a new home should encourage us to find solutions for economical starter homes. The American Dream of owning a home has been derailed by several factors, including rising land and construction costs. Also, many first-time buyers have very high (and perhaps unrealistic) expectations. They want the same amenities and materials they enjoyed in their Baby Boomer parents’ home or their luxury apartment. 

The Starter House Should be Abolished – Wellshire Golf Course

Consider an exit strategy: If you’re considering going the starter home route, you should think through from the start how you’ll offload it when the time comes to move, Bull says. For instance, you might buy a property that you could rent out to cover your mortgage, especially during times of economic uncertainty, she says. This helps ensure you can cover your mortgage payment if you need to move ASAP or if the market is weak when you hope to sell but you don’t want to take a loss.

Starter house reviews

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But shortly after she and her husband, Eric, move in, the warm and welcoming house becomes cold and dark. There is something malevolent within these walls that wants to hurt her unborn child—a terrifying presence that only she can sense. And there is Drew, a demanding and temperamental little boy who mysteriously appears when Lacey is alone.

Starter house reviews

Now, proposing a pre-cut kit that requires considerable work on site, comes with a problem: who buys the house-kit needs to have some kind of knowledge of the building process. They do not have to be carpenters but they must understand enough of construction to be able to manage the construction process.