Starter jackets coming back

Look For The Star: How Starter Jackets Became The Iconic Clothing Of The Early ’90s

There’s no easy answer for what’s fueling our growing fetishization of the ’90s, but it’s a trend that’s both very real and not at all unique to those who actually lived through it. As it turns out, you didn’t have to be alive or even fully sentient at the time to long for a return to those pre-9-11 halcyon days of Clintonian economic surplus.

Starter jackets coming back

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Starter jackets coming back

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Banks and Iconix came to an agreement, and started researched the old factories and fabrications that were used to make the original Starter jacket in order to ensure the same standard and aesthetic. The new satin jacket is made with the same made-in-Korea satin of the original. The same goes for the upcoming nylon breakaway revamp.

Awesome-looking, retro-style NBA Starter jackets coming your way on Friday

We now know that these sorts of jackets have been redone, and will be much easier to access. DTLR, an urban fashion retailer, is releasing a line of old-school, Starter jackets of NBA teams. These jackets feature old-school logos and come just as the NBA season is getting underway.

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The Pull Over is the Rolls Royce of Starter jackets. It was the luxurious model that put Starter on the map and was the desire of every kid growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s. These are a rare breed now due to overuse and wearing every day for every situation. When you see one, you have to stop, gasp, and slap whoever you are next to as if Kathy Ireland was walking down the street in a bikini.

Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest

As time past by, the jackets lost their satin shine and a more colorful jacket was born. Around 1989, the jackets had the team logo on the front chest and a big team logo on the back.  The jacket was a pullover with a hap zipper, a kangaroo pouch and a hoodie. The jackets can be seen on display on the back cover and inserts of Jodeci’s first album “Forever My Lady” where they are wearing Chiefs, Jets, Vikings and Chargers jackets.


The Starter brand was founded in 1971, but really took off in the late 1980s-early 1990s. Eventually the brand hit hard times and filed for bankruptcy in 1999. The brand changed hands after this point and was even acquired by Nike in 2004. However, since 2007, Starter has been a subsidiary company of the Iconix Brand Group.

Starter jackets coming back


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