Starter locs growth


Curious how your locs will change during the locking process? The easiest way to see how your locs will evolve is by looking at the stages that locs grow through.The 4 stages of locs that you experience as you grow through the hair locking process are the starter lock stage, the baby lock stage, the teenage stage, and the adult stage. On average, moving through all these stages can take upwards of 18-24 months; but depending on your texture, density, product usage, and hair care regimen, your hair may move quicker or slower throughout the locking process.

The 5 Stages of Loc Development

Your starting point usually begins with finger coils. Some women who have loc’d their hair have used two strand twists on occasion but finger coils are most often used. Coils are really tight curly springs in spiral shape. The most important point of the coil stage is that the hair is able to coil entirely through from roots to ends. This is important so that the hair within the coil will start to mesh together or loc.  If the hair is separating or unraveling it will be more difficult- almost impossible to loc. 

Starter locs growth

#WorkCrushWednesday – Loc Journey to Growth & New Growth

I was became interested in growing locs during my freshman year as a student athlete at Georgetown. It may sound superficial, but at the time, I started this process because I thought it “looked cool” as a football player to have. I had my last haircut in December 2008, right before Christmas break, and I haven’t looked back since. By the summer of 2009 I had enough hair to begin my starter locs.

Starter locs growth

5 Tips for Growing Long Healthy Locs

So that’s it! Those are my key tips for growing long, lovely locs. Basically, keep it natural, keep it protected, and keep it simple. I hope this helps! Like I said above, if you have any more loc questions that are not answered here, leave a comment on my Facebook page ( http:– ) and I’ll respond to you there. Thanks for reading!

Locs can be very misunderstood. Especially to those who may want to start the process but are unsure. My advice is to do your research. There are different ways to start and ultimately maintain your locs. The more you know and understand the more informed your decision will be. Also keep in mind everyone has a different journey. The tips I’m listing below are from my experience of having locs for the past seven years. Use these as a guide (it’s not the bible beauties), and always be open to altering things that work for you and your hair.

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There is a common misconception that dreadlocks are dirty. In reality, they are not dirty at all. The process of keeping the hair clean and in good condition is important to have healthy dreadlocks.

How Dreadlocks Work

At first, dreadlocks should be washed sparingly. Experts differ somewhat about how often to wash, but about once a week initially is the general consensus. Consider covering your entire head with a nylon stocking at this stage, and letting the soap run through to prevent damage to the fragile locks.

Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Locs

Yay! I love this post. What I love about locs is that everyone’s hair looks totally unique and gorgeous. I have had sisterlocks for 6 months and I love them! No more combing, struggling, and fighting with my hair. All of the expensive products in my cabinet went down to two: shampoo and jbco. I literally haven’t bought a hair product at all this year. Locs are the best style for women with 4b-c hair.