Starter locs month 2

Just For Locs™ First Six Months Loc & Twist Starter

Just For Locs First Six Months™ Loc & Twist Starter is the first and only product specifically developed to make starting your locs quick and easy! The First Six Months of locking is the most crucial stage in the journey. The natural ingredients gather and hold the new Locs in place to make sure you start your locs the right way. Enjoy this most exciting stage and have the confidence that your locs are going to be healthy and beautiful.

Starter locs month 2

Two Strand Twist Starter Locs: 2 Month Loc Update

It’s been two months on my loc journey and here is the scoop from Zion and I on how I like them and how I maintain my two strand twist starter locs. Forgive the choppiness, Zion was wiggling a lot and I’m developing my editing skills! Like & subscribe 🙂

Starter locs month 2

From Loose to Loc’d: Months 1 – 6

For years, I thought about loc’ing my hair. But I let background chatter and self-doubt keep me from doing it. Thoughts of “It’s so permanent” “what will you look like” “how will you style it” “you don’t know what you’re doing” filled my head and kept me from doing what I really wanted.

Starter locs month 2


The last 6 months with locs have been very interesting, transformative, and revealing. Despite this being my 3rd set of locs, the locking process for this set of thick locs has been very unique and filled with a few lessons. In the last 6 months, my hair has evolved from silky rope twists to matted baby locs.

My loc journey 4 months in

We’re massive fans of Blackish, and now, the spin-off Grownish. There are sisters in the main cast called Chloe and Halle who both wear their hair in locs. Princess loves it and has been asking sooooo many questions about having her hair done ever since. I told her to give herself a month and then I’ll ask her again. Like me, she struggles when it comes to commitment. Also, like me, she loves wearing her hair out in a massive fro. So we’ll see how she feels in a few weeks.

Starter locs month 2

As your dreads get really tight, and they will get really tight, getting them dry will be really important. Dreads can hold water for many hours if not dried properly and mildew can grow inside them. This is called Dread Rot. This is the second most common reason peoples dreads get stank. The first is not washing.

Locs do best when left alone as much as possible. Although part of keeping locs healthy and clean is regular cleansing and conditioning (contrary to some people’s beliefs), you shouldn’t overdo the shampooing and conditioning early in the locking process, especially if your hair isn’t tightly coiled to begin with. Use a moisturizing cleanser, but you may want to skip the slippery, creamy conditioners until your locs are more secure and less likely to unravel under a regular shower stream or with the action of simply rubbing the scalp.

Loc Baby: It’s Been 3 Months For MyBabies!

Sigh, okay so the frizz is still here but not a major problem, I’m learning to adjust for this short time period. If I could give some advice for this stage, it would definitely be: TIE UP YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT. I didn’t do this in the beginning, and I realize that it probably would have made one hell of a difference. So now I’m stuck playing: what if I had done this!