Starter motor service or battery

Starter motor service or battery


There is nothing more frustrating than a dead car. When your car won’t start, it is likely a problem with the battery, alternator or starter. But how do you know which part is causing your issue? All these parts work together to power your vehicle so it can be hard to know which part is at fault. Read on to learn some ways to determine where the cause of your problems lies.

Starter Motor Repair

Remove any corrosion with wet and dry sand paper, and the commutator can be sanded and the back of a box cutter knife can be used to clean out between the segments. The insulation between the segments should be under cut to work correctly. Than an oily rag is used to wipe everything to help prevent any future corrosion.

Starter motor service or battery

What Is A Starter Motor?

A car’s starting motor is made out of two parts: an electric motor and a starter solenoid. Turning the ignition key will let the starter motor spin the engine a few revolutions which will get the combustion process started. To spin a cold engine, you will need a power full starter. Our brand of choice for starter motors is OEX as they integrate the latest technology and innovations to ensure the power you’ll need. A quality control check on each item ensures the delivery of market leading units every time.

Starter Motor Replacement

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Starter motor service or battery

What can I do?

Grinding noises that occur while trying to start your car could be attributed to the starter motor. There are two reasons they may occur. The first would be that the mounting bolts have come loose, causing there to be poor alignment of the pinion gear and flywheel. Secondly, one of these gears may have lost a tooth or teeth, resulting in the grinding noise.


Starter Motor: Your starter motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy used to start your engine. Basically, once you turn your ignition, the starter cranks the engine to start your vehicle. As a general rule, test your starter every spring to make sure it draws the right amount of current.

Alternator and Starter Diagnosis

Rotating electrical parts such as starters and alternators often have to be replaced on older, high-mileage vehicles. Fuel injection has helped prolong the service life of starters by allowing engines to start more quickly when they are cranked. Such is not the case with alternators. Higher electrical demands on charging systems have increased alternator failures.

Starter motor service or battery

Starter Motor Faults

Finding the exact reason why your vehicle won’t start could be difficult for some people. But it is very beneficial to find the exact cause of the starter motor failing as soon as possible so a repair can be carried out and get you back on the road. People who only have limited knowledge of starter motors and the working of an engine, sometimes can jump to conclusions as to why their engine will not start. This can cause further damage to their vehicle or result in them purchasing replacement parts when it was not necessary to do so.