Starter pistol tear gas

Starter pistol tear gas

Gas gun ammuniton

From year to year there arises necessity to own any gun. Among the primary reasons of this act belong more difficult economic situation of inhabitants, “western” anti-culture, unprovoked violence and effort to safe own property (guard-dog without needed training). How can we avoid a result of attack? There exist many possibilities. In this article we deal with relatively effective possibility – gas guns.

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Starter pistol tear gas

Gas signal guns

Ammunition for blank-fire- and signal guns: The most used ammunition is surely the blank fire cartridges, which are filled with gun powder, but contain no projectile. They can be recognized by their green cap.

Starter pistol tear gas

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The s1 Pepper Spray Gun provides you with the non-lethal protection of pepper spray and tear gas to keep you and your loved ones safe. It’s ability to shoot long-range distances, like a traditional firearm, allows you to be far from harm’s way while delivering a toxic defense cloud that effectively incapacitates an attacker and can cause temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and severe impact distress.

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I have 2 in the box with paperwork. The box states starter pistol, flare pistol and tear gas pistol. Without the papers in front om me I believe that they are actually 6mm. The tear gas was more of a problem for the shooter. The flare pistol required an attachment as the blanks sit vertically in a strip of 6 rounds. I will be posting mine in a week or to on ebay with box, cleaning brush and instructions. I will make a copy and mail them to you if you like.

Illegal older model and foreign-made tear gas pen guns as well as illicitly manufactured pen guns were used to fire revolver or pistol cartridges of calibers. Special, and.44 magnum, as well as rifle cartridges of caliber.270. Velocity, range of accuracy, impact kinetic energy, and gelatin block penetrability of bullets fired from the various cartridges are presented. The characteristics of recovered bullets, cartridge casings, and firing pin impressions are described, and the hazards of these weapons to users and potential victims are discussed.

Vintage Italian Starter Pistol

A vintage starter pistol made in Italy. This piece has a blued steel construction with black plastic grips, holds seven blanks in the magazine and comes in its original box marked “Automatic Triple Purpose Pistol, starter, tear-gas, signal flares.”

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