Starter ukulele reviews

15 Best Beginner Ukulele Reviews 2018 – Best Starter Ukuleles

Nice question to ask, isn’t it? Well, as the name implies, beginners’ ukuleles are the models that are primarily designed to suit the capacity of those players who are just starting out to play the ukulele. They are also referred to as ‘entry level’ ukuleles since they are designed to become simple, easy to handle, convenient to play while being quite affordable.

Starter ukulele reviews

The Best Ukulele for Beginners

I’ve reviewed audio gear professionally since 1990, and I’ve probably conducted more multi-listener audio-comparison tests than any other journalist, so I have a good idea of how to make tests fair. Also, I’ve been playing ukulele since my Uncle Mac gave me a Harmony soprano uke back about 1969. I have owned more than 30 ukes in my life, and currently own six plus two ukulele basses. I play uke in jazz and Latin jam sessions and on demo recordings, and I’veplayed several jazz gigs on uke in New York City clubs.

9 Best Beginner Ukuleles – How to Choose the Ideal Instrument for You!

We have highlighted a few affordable ukes for those players just wanting to give it a go without spending too much; there are some convenient bundles that offer everything you need to get started; and even a few slightly more expensive models that will offer you advanced playability and sound.

Starter ukulele reviews

1# Soprano vs. Concert vs. Tenor vs. Bariton – Which one is best for beginners?

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Starter ukulele reviews

Sometimes thought of as a toy in the past, the adoption of the ukulele by artists like Paul McCartney, Eddie Vedder, Dhani Harrison, and Jason Mraz has given the little instrument newfound respect. Jake Shimabukoro’s astounding mastery of the instrument has proven that in the right hands, the ukulele is capable of creating remarkably nuanced music. His rendition of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” has been an internet sensation with more than 12 million views as of this writing!

Starter ukulele reviews

Top 10 Reviews for Soprano, Acoustic Electric and Composite Ukuleles

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument, but a bit unlike its big brother the guitar (as I quickly found out). As a lifetime musician looking to branch out into the ukulele, I was very surprised to see that there were so many different options and styles out there. So I did some serious research to make sure I understood this instrument from top to bottom.

Setting A Ukulele Budget

Firstly, you should aim to spend as much as you can afford, most cheap ukes are pretty terrible and will having you tearing your hair out (and then you’ll look like me). One of the main problems with a cheap ukulele that doesn’t play well is that it can actually be pretty damaging to your path to mastering the instrument.

To help you find the best ukulele for beginners that will allow you to perform your favorite ukulele songs, we have showcased some of the most popular options below. These options have garnered some of the best reviews and stand out due to their quality, ease of use and affordability.