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The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is an umbrella organisation that controls the teaching and instruction of sailing, windsurfing and power boating. Its aim is to blow the elitist image of sailing and make the sport accessible to ordinary folk like you and me. It does this by accrediting sailing schools around the country, all of which offer both yachting and dinghy sailing course certificates on an ascending scale.

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There are hundreds of sailing clubs around the country who offer affordable membership and many have boats you can use – look at the "Join a Club" section to find out more.   Alternatively many people choose to hire or charter boats, or enjoy boating during holidays both at home and abroad – the "Find Holidays" section has more about these options.

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The Sunsail Start Yachting course has been designed for beginners looking to gain an introduction to the basics of sailing. As sailors ourselves, we understand that your first sailing course, together with the early stages of learning, is one of the most important steps on your yachting journey. Therefore the Start Yachting course has been designed to give you the very best foundations for those with no experience.

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Exploring the intricacies of these islands also provides excellent lessons in seamanship, allowing an amateur skipper to acquire experience in all kinds of conditions. It’s one thing to read about terrifying seas off Portland Bill or in the Pentland Firth, but going there and executing a successful passage around the hazards can do wonders for self-belief.

Starter yacht uk

The perfect boat: what makes an ideal offshore cruising yacht?

Choosing a boat for offshore cruising is not a decision to be taken lightly. I have researched this topic on dozens of rallies, speaking to hundred of skippers. Everyone you speak to will have a different point of view about which boat is best and why, but few question the importance of getting it right.

Starter yacht uk

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A clear race strategy leads to a definite starting objective. A starting objective enables realistic priorities to be set; rather than trying to win the start outright we might aim for a more conservative approach, which achieves these priorities. For example, in light conditions the top priority for a keelboat is generally speed off the line, while in a dinghy it’s clear wind. If there is a wind bend favouring the right hand side of the course, the priority will be a clear lane to tack onto port.

Starter yacht uk

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RYA Start Yachting

The RYA Start Yachting course is for beginner yacht sailors and those who would like to become an active member of the crew rather than just a passenger. This course starts at 09:00 and finishes at 17:00 from Brighton Marina on Saturday and Sunday. You will be sailing in the Brighton area and will not need to stay onboard. By the end of the course you will have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling, ropework and be aware of safety on board.