Suspension bridge lynn valley

Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre

This was one of my favorite places when I visited Vancouver! I opted to come here because of the suspension bridge (versus the Capilano bridge which costs $$). I loved the bridge and the hike. We also were able to find sort of a hidden swimming spot (away from the marked swimming places) and it just felt like an oasis. People saw us swimming at a bridge so then there were more people that came down our way.

I would highly recommend. This is definitely a must stop.

How to get to Twin Falls

You can also hike to Lynn Canyon Park as it’s part of the extensive Baden Powell hiking trail, which stretches from Horseshoe Bay in the west to Deep Cove. The section through Lynn Canyon Park takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half to complete. Trail maps can be picked up from the Ecology Centre near the suspension bridge.

Suspension bridge lynn valley

Nice, but do the Lynn Valley Suspension… – Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

We dropped in here on the way up to Grouse Mountain and were glad to have called in whilst it was quiet. The suspension bridge is awesome with great views up and down the gorge. The tree tops walk is great and the whole experience is peaceful and relaxing with lots of good information. The crowds had built up by the time we left and people were waiting for parking places so avoid the busy times if possible.

Suspension bridge lynn valley

Twin Falls Hike Intro

A note on safety: Every year it seems, unfortunately, that at least one person dies in the canyon while cliff jumping. The water looks clear, beautiful and inviting. But the steep cliffs and strong currents of the canyon can easily spell disaster. Cataracts, undertows and hydraulic suction – even in calm-looking water – can hold a person under. There were 24 recorded deaths in the waters of Lynn Canyon Park between 1985 and 2016, and countless more injuries.

Expense rating:

I was in Vancouver during the past year as well. It was by no means my first time there. It is a very nice city to visit; but my biggest complaint is the highway system there. Highway 99 goes right through downtown Vancouver as Granville Street, which is filled with traffic lights and — well — filled with traffic. Unless you travel well out of your way east of Vancouver, there is no way to bypass the city easily…

lynn canyon vs. capilano suspension bridge? – Vancouver Forum

which one did you like better? I’d like to try and visit both but lynn canyon is weighing out as being the winner if i end up not having enough time (i’ll be working there for a month) it seems to be more accessable by public transport and is free.:) how safe is it, though to go there by myself? are the trails fairly easy to handle? which one am i more likely to get better pictures at?

Suspension bridge lynn valley

Explore the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Hike through the forest on wood walkways, bathe in the beauty and solitude. Walk across the Suspension bridge and get enveloped in the sounds of the waterfall below. There are a number of clearly marked trails to choose from. Dog friendly. Not for wheelchairs or strollers. In the summer I understand you can bathe in the natural water holes. The centre was closed in October. And one of the best things is it is free and the parking is free!

Suspension bridge lynn valley

Travel Smarter

The SeaBus travels across two zones from Waterford Station to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver. The aduItSeaBus crosses two zones at a cost of $4 a way ($8 round trip). After you exit the SeaBus, you will then need to board a bus. The aduItprice for the bus is $2.75 a way ($5.50 round trip).