Suspension lift vs body lift ford ranger

Suspension lift vs body lift ford ranger

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One of the best parts about a body lift is that it will usually set you back less than 200 bucks and can be easily installed by you and a couple of buddies over a weekend. Although a body lift is not particularly difficult to install, you will need to be patient and take your time. There may only be a few ground straps and wires to undo on some, but many later-model vehicles can require a fair amount of rerouting of wires and linkage to gain the appropriate height.

Suspension lift vs body lift ford ranger

This series of posts will desribe how I selected a lift kit for my 2009 Ford Ranger, installed it, and then further tweaked it to to make what I think is the optimal lift setup for this kind of truck. I installed a Superlift suspension lift kit and 305-70-16 tires over a few days in 2012. Then over a few days in 2013, I converted the front suspension from torsion bars to coilovers, and replaced the rear lift blocks with a taller Skyjacker leaf spring.

Available Options

Lift kits come in a variety of different styles for different purposes. There are kits to raise your suspension for better ground clearance. These work well for driving over rough terrain. Some kits raise the body higher but do not alter your shocks or the ground clearance. These can be useful when you merely want bigger tires on your vehicle. Lifts come in small, medium, or large sizes. The small ones raise the height by only 1-2 inches. Medium kits are for getting 2-3 inches higher than the Ford factory clearance. Large lift kits raise the vehicle by 3 inches or more.

Suspension lift vs body lift ford ranger

System Requirements

Increased Towing & Load Carrying: A Ford Ranger lift kit aimed towards increasing your load bearing potential will help your Ford Ranger suspension cope with much heavier loads and pressures. Offering an added stability on the rear of your vehicle with heavy duty coil springs or leaf springs.

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Now, you can lift your 4X4 a total of 75mm: 50mm through the suspension, and 25mm through the tyres. Big, silly lifts are still out of the question, but many looking to subtly modify their 4X4 for better touring or off-road performance now have some nice scope for suspension and tyre modifications.

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Suspension lift vs body lift ford ranger

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Our Full Lift Kits are precision engineered tolift and or level your truck. Our offerings include various size combinationsfor the front and rear so you can change or customize your truck to therequired ride height. If there’s something you require, please message us andwe’ll be happy to put an offer together for you!

Suspension lift vs body lift ford ranger

PA 2001-2011 Ford Ranger & Ranger Edge 3" Body Lift

1. It may be necessary to drill the front two body bushing sleeves out to 1-2 for new bolt clearance.
2. Front and rear bumper brackets are included in this kit.
3. Modification to the front frame horns are required to raise front bumper using bumper brackets included.
4. Manual transmission models require part# SE3700 Shift Extension (mazda transmission only).
5. Front & Rear bumper brackets are included only to enhance appearance, bumpers cannot be used for towing.
6. Gap Guards #6732 or #6733 are available and sold separately for this application.