Suspension rope workout

44 Insanely Effective TRX Exercises

Targets: Triceps
Difficulty: Beginner
How to: Target those tris with this no-frills move. Kneel down facing the anchor and grab the straps with an underhand grip. Stretch arms straight out in front of you and hold them shoulder-width apart. Bend elbows to lower your upper body toward the floor until hands are in line with your ears—this is when you’ll start to feel those triceps burn. Return to start.

Suspension rope workout

10 Suspension Trainer Exercises for a Full Body Workout

To do the Basic Inverted Row, hold a suspension trainer strap in each hand. Walk your feet out so you are leaning back. The closer to parallel to the ground you get, the harder the move will be. Squeeze your core and glutes and press your chest out so there is tension between your shoulder blades. Then row up, keeping your body in a nice straight line. Row until your chest comes up to the handles and then lower yourself back down. Don’t let your hips sink as you lower back down. Also, keep your chest pressed out the entire time (do not let your low back arch though).


The TRX App changes the game, delivering fully customizable workout plans with real-time verbal feedback from world class coaches while tracking your biometric data and progress to achieve every one of your goals. Oh, and feel free to upload your own favorite workout playlist if you want!

Suspension rope workout

TRX Workout: 7 Moves to Erase Every Bulge

How it works: Try this workout three times a week. if you’ve never used a TRX, do 2 sets of each move for 30 seconds in order, moving at a slow, controlled pace. Familiar with the device? Perform 3 sets.

Suspension rope workout

TRX Boot Camp: Ropes + Straps Round 2 uses staggered, progressively more challenging blocks to serve up a round of strength and cardio, boot camp style. The video features a 50-minute, real-time workout with former Navy SEAL and TRX inventor Randy Hetrick and Jump Rope Master and Olympian Buddy Lee. Includes 15-minute jump rope clinic, warm up and cool down routines, and step-by-step instructions for set-up and use. This is a second feature of intense TRX strength training and rope jumping cardio intervals, developed to push your metabolism into overdrive.

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They have a low cost versus most other pieces of equipment. The portability and limited space requirement helps too. It looks fairly simple to use and versatile, at least at first glance. They capture the appeal of training in a way seemingly more relevant to daily life. This mindset dominates the fitness world today.


"Get the hang of the Navy SEAL-designed workout with these first-timer tips from Dan McDonogh, senior manager of group training and development for TRX." TRX featured in the December 2012 issue of SHAPE Magazine here.

Suspension rope workout

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After performing a few exercises fully suspended Dawne asked me to walk around the studio and it’s amazing how different you feel after such a short space of time. Back on firm ground I felt taller, leaner and lighter immediately – it was very strange. Post-class I could definitely feel aching in my arms and core too – the sign of a good workout for sure and I was much more aware of my posture I normally am. I’ll definitely be heading back – I’m a long way off achieving an A-list body, but I’m working on it.