Suspension system in truck victoria bc

Suspension system in truck victoria bc

Lift, Lower, and Leveling Kits

Shackle suspension kits work best for someone who wants "looks," yet does not intend to go off-road. This kit is typically the most affordable, but does not offer the safety required for serious OTR (off the road) drivers. Lower cost comes with poorer steering and control.


When you arrive at Westshore Spring & 4×4 Inc., one of our staff members will consult with you to determine the suspension needs of your vehicle. We will suggest the best options for you based on how you use your vehicle on a daily basis and what you want in terms of the appearance of your vehicle. We will make sure that your vehicle is fit with the right suspension lift and tire and wheel combination to suit your needs, from family and commuter vehicles to off-road and hauling vehicles.

Suspension system in truck victoria bc


The first thing to consider is what you are going to do with your vehicle once you have the lift kit installed. For example, are you going to use it for mud racing? Open country treks? Slow speed rock-crawling? High speed desert racing? Or are you just going to use it for looks and some basic four-wheeling?

Suspension system in truck victoria bc

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2) Rack and pinion steering. The standard mechanical steering can be either power-assisted or non-power. Rack and pinion is almost always power-assisted and combines the steering box and center link into one unit. The steering wheel, through the steering column, is directly connected to the rack except in some of the modern vehicles they are drive by wire an electrical motor is located on the rack and is sent signals from a sensor located in the steering column. Inside the steering rack is a pinion assembly that moves a toothed piston, which in turn moves the steering gear.

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Drinking and driving is a leading cause of death on the roads. As a result, Police have the discretion to issue various driving prohibitions or licence suspensions. This section of the site provides information on each of these sanctions, plus provides information on what the courts can do if you are convicted of impaired driving and the Superintendent’s authority to issue an administrative prohibition if a review of your driving record shows you to be a high-risk driver.

Suspension system in truck victoria bc

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Suspension system in truck victoria bc

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The suspension system is a critically important system the provides safety and stability for your vehicle’s ride. Your car’s suspension systems undergoes a tremendous amount of stress and abuse while you drive. It helps absorb the impact of the road. Without a properly working suspension system, you will experience not only a very bumpy ride, but a dangerous one. Therefore, it’s vitally important to maintain your suspension system, and at the first sign of trouble to bring your car or truck in to Crompton’s Auto Care for diagnosis and repair.

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I wanted to let you know I appreciate the work you’ve done on my ’97 Tacoma. With my most recent visit, you replaced my lower front ball joints, and while I had to shop around because money is tight, you were able to negotiate a price that made things a bit easier for me. I really appreciate that. Thank you. Cheers.