Suspension techniques drop forks & pro arms

Suspension techniques drop forks & pro arms

Rare *discontinued* Suspension Techniques drop forks and pro arms

On most Honda-Acura chassis, an OEM ‘fork’ or ‘wishbone’ is used to connect the shock to the lower control arm. MPC has created a billet drop fork to totally replace the OEM piece and allow the whole damper assembly to be lowered over 2’’ at the same time. MPC drop forks also give you much more shock travel, eliminating bottoming out issues and prolonging the life of your shock.

Suspension techniques drop forks & pro arms

2 inch drop forks

Firstly let us deal with semantics. To many riders a short sharp steep section will be referred to as a ‘drop-off’, for the sake of argument that is how I’ll be referring to them through this article. We are not talking ‘drops’ (which will require the wheels to leave the ground) but where the trail ahead ‘drops off’ at a dramatically increased gradient but can still be rolled.

1998 Honda Civic Coupe – Red Said Fred

Crowning the tuned chassis work are 17×7-inch Racing Sparco "Viper Fang" alloy wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber measuring 205-40ZR17 at each corner. For increased stopping authority, Power Stop cross-drilled rotors were bolted in place, together with Axxis brake pads and STR steel braided lines.

Suspension techniques drop forks & pro arms

How to Set-Up MTB Suspension – The Basics

Getting a new mountain bike is exciting. However, setting up your MTB suspension properly is as crucial to getting the most out of your mountain bike as proper bike fit. You are better off with a mediocre bike with really well set-up suspension than a really good bike with poorly set-up suspension. In other words, MTB suspension set-up is really important. With this in mind, here are some fundamentals to preliminary suspension set-up on most air based mountain bike suspension systems.

Technique: Get pumping

Simply put, pumping is the act of pushing the bike into the trail in some way as you ride to tap into its latent energy. Whether you’re pushing the bike down, forwards or into the side of a turn – it’s all pump. The action of pushing your bike can be done through hands, feet or both.


The fork is fantastic. It is brilliant at staying up in the stroke and gives a beautiful plush and linear feel. At the same time it absolutely melts away high speed impacts. I am so stoked. One of the really cool things you have right is the impressive adaptability. It handles stony – rocky hardpack well, and transitions into sand and whoops without any feeling of needing adjustment. I know how demanding that sort of requirement is and i am so impressed.

9 ways to make your bike more comfortable

Intentionally getting the tires off the ground is daunting for a lot of riders and a lack of confidence is often the biggest barrier to progressing bike jumping skills  Thankfully, just like with every aspect of bike riding, practice makes perfect and you can learn to jump safely with some helpful tips.


FSA presents its first drivetrain: after years of study and development, K-Force WE is ready to ride. K-Force WE is a high-tech electronic groupset with an elegant design. A unique product that will make you change the way you ride your bike. Long battery life, different size levers and wireless technology at the shifters for smooth, quiet and precise shifting.