Suspension trainer workouts

10 Suspension Trainer Exercises for a Full Body Workout

To do the Basic Inverted Row, hold a suspension trainer strap in each hand. Walk your feet out so you are leaning back. The closer to parallel to the ground you get, the harder the move will be. Squeeze your core and glutes and press your chest out so there is tension between your shoulder blades. Then row up, keeping your body in a nice straight line. Row until your chest comes up to the handles and then lower yourself back down. Don’t let your hips sink as you lower back down. Also, keep your chest pressed out the entire time (do not let your low back arch though).

Suspension trainer workouts

44 Insanely Effective TRX Exercises

Targets: Triceps
Difficulty: Beginner
How to: Target those tris with this no-frills move. Kneel down facing the anchor and grab the straps with an underhand grip. Stretch arms straight out in front of you and hold them shoulder-width apart. Bend elbows to lower your upper body toward the floor until hands are in line with your ears—this is when you’ll start to feel those triceps burn. Return to start.

Suspension trainer workouts

TRX Workouts – How To Strengthen The Whole Body in 30 Minutes

Considering that it is always possible to change the resistance by adjusting the position of your body, the TRX exercise is safe and effective even for people on different fitness levels.

Total-Body TRX Workout

You may have seen those yellow and black straps hanging from the ceiling or walls of your gym and wondered what the heck you do with them. The TRX Suspension Trainer, developed by Navy SEALS, takes advantage of gravity and your bodyweight to challenge every muscle, especially your core. And since you can even attach them to a door or tree, they’re great for exercising at home or when traveling.

The 4 Week Suspension Trainer Workout Routine For Serious Muscle

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10 Essential Suspension Training Exercises for a Total Body Workout

Suspension trainers are essentially heavy-duty straps that attach to the top of a door jamb, wall, or ceiling, with handles at one end. Each brand’s configuration is unique, but most provide a way to adjust the length of the straps so you can position the handles at different heights, expanding the number of exercises you can perform. This number is practically endless, as you can grip the straps or place your feet through them to change your body’s positioning.

Suspension trainer workouts

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Suspension trainer workouts

Suspension Training: Build Muscle And Functional Fitness With These Workouts

The difference was most pronounced in the rectus abdominis – the sheet of muscle that makes up your six-pack – suggesting that suspension training is an effective way of developing your midsection during exercises that aren’t traditionally seen as direct abs work. That’s particularly useful if you’re short on time and want to make your training more efficient.