Suspension vs emulsion bulk

Suspension vs emulsion bulk

Four Polymerization Techniques (Bulk,Solution,Suspension and Emulsion)

Radical polymerizations can be carried out both by homogeneous and heterogeneous process depending on whether the initial reaction mixture is homogeneous or heterogeneous. Bulk polymerization and solution polymerization are homogeneous processes while suspension and emulsion polymerization are heterogeneous processes. By heterogeneous polymerization thermal and viscosity problems can be controlled more efficiently.

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A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture of solid particle in carrier liquid. It is not dissolved it is suspended. The emulsion is the mixture of two or more immiscible liquids. E.g. Water and oil, soap and water. A colloidal solution is the mixture  of sub micronic particles in carrier liquid.The particles are kept in suspension through brownian motion.

Suspension vs emulsion bulk


How PVC is manufactured

PVC production usually refers to the manufacture of PVC resin, which is the basis for the plethora of PVC products around us. Three types of PVC manufacture exist: suspension polymerisation, emulsion polymerisation and bulk polymerisation. PVC made from suspension is by far the most common.

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Suspension vs emulsion bulk


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Suspension vs emulsion bulk

In the contest between watergels and emulsions for the perfect bulk explosive, Brent Buffham, technical manager with Maxam, explains why the company’s Rioflex variable-density product is arguably the best compromise

Is Matter Around Us Pure

Suspension is the heterogeneous mixture of two or more substances. In suspension, particles are suspended throughout in bulk and can be seen by naked eyes. In suspensions, particles of solute do not dissolve rather are suspended. Particles of suspension are large enough to scatter rays of light and path of ray is visible through a suspension.

Suspension vs emulsion bulk

Physical Stability of Disperse Systems

The electrostatic method places an ionic charge at the surface of particles that results in mutual repulsion. For maximum stability the electrostatic force of repulsion should be as large as possible, i.e., the particle surface charge should be as large as possible. The force of repulsion becomes smaller as the ionic strength of the medium increases. Thus, the lowest electrolyte concentration possible should be used. This is problematic for many pharmaceutical formulations that tend to be isotonic with blood, i.e., they have a very high ionic strength.