Suspension yoga benefits

Aerial Yoga: Better Than Regular Yoga?

Aerial yoga is a relatively new type of yoga that originated out of New York in 2007. Christopher Harrison, the founder of aerial yoga, was director and choreographer for Antigravity, Inc., an acrobatic performance troupe established in 1991 that ultimately became the inspiration for creating this new yoga brand.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Aerial Yoga

A combination of traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of a hammock, aerial yoga defies gravity and allows you to perform various yoga poses that may be difficult to do on the ground, but easier in mid-air. It’s fun and acrobatic, so for those of you who dreamed of being a trapeze artist as a kid, this can give you a taste of what it is like.

Suspension yoga benefits

How Does Aerial Yoga Work?

It also means you can do many supported inversions, which results in health benefits unique to aerial yoga. Being upside down, supported by the hammock, is a little bit like being in traction—it can help lengthen your ligaments, relax your muscles, and decompress your spine.

Suspension yoga benefits

Aerial Yoga – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

Aerial Yoga or Anti-gravity yoga is a combination of traditional yoga asanas, acrobatics, and dance moves done suspended in the air with the help of a hammock. It was conceptualized about a decade ago by fitness practitioners in New York to make exercise sessions more enjoyable. Also, certain challenging yoga poses that are tough to assume on the ground are much easier to practice when you are suspended in air. You can try all the yoga poses suspended in air, with some specially adapted for aerial yoga.

Suspension yoga benefits

The Benefits of AntiGravity Yoga

In addition to decompressing the spine, AntiGravity Yoga can help to increase strength and flexibility, as well as bring you greater awareness of your body. ‘It’s a real mind-body-spirit experience,’ says instructor Sandra Caniglia, who has been practicing yoga for the past 10 years, and is also an avid runner. ‘It really does help in other areas of our lives, too. The core work is a huge benefit for running and I’ve found that I can recover faster.’

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Aerial yoga is done mid-air and is a combination of traditional yoga poses, Pilates, and postures that defy gravity. Most commonly, in aerial yoga, practitioners use a hammock or a swath of soft fabric that is suspended from the ceiling. This hammock is used to support the body during the poses and helps you stretch better against gravity. With aerial yoga, you can achieve some unique benefits. Keep reading, and I guarantee you will get to it right away.

Suspension yoga benefits

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According to, “Antigravity yoga is a new kind of workout invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison—a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer. It involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus, in order to achieve a total-body workout”.

Aerial yoga is a fun and novel workout, but it has the potential for injury

Strengthened Muscles. Because gravity is working harder on your body than usual, your muscles work harder too. Aerial yoga is also a great core workout because you have to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilize yourself during your yoga session.