Suspension yoga reviews

Aerial yoga is a fun and novel workout, but it has the potential for injury

Fly bills its classes as space where newbies and seasoned yogis can increase strength and flexibility while unleashing their "inner acrobat." The Flying Yogi has grander promises, stating that aerial yoga delivers myriad health benefits including elevated mood and improved digestion, lymphatic drainage, brain function and back health.

AntiGravity yoga review: A white-knuckle ride in a hammock

What We Did: The 75-minute class took students through standing and seated poses, inversions, balancing postures and meditations — all using an aerial hammock suspended from the two hooks attached to the ceiling. The aerial technique was originally developed for gymnasts and acrobats, but has since been modified to suit a wider group of participants.

There are a lot of fun variations – chill versus child’s pose, taut dog versus downward – and other poses that are completely new, including vampire, teepee and spiderman, an inversion. You can hide away from the world for a few minutes inside some of AntiGravity’s more cosy, fort-like poses, including lotus. It’s also a workout: you have not done crunches until you’ve done them hanging upside down.

Suspension yoga reviews

Best Yoga Swings for Aerial Home Yoga 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you loving your regular yoga practice but wishing that there was a way to get more out of your body? Maybe you watch the powerful routines of more experienced yogis and wish you had the muscle strength to try their gravity-defying moves. You don’t have to feel behind any more. An innovative yoga tool called the yoga swing, makes even the most difficult moves safe and easy enough for beginners to try. Best of all, you’ll get incredible health benefits as well.

Aerial Yoga Classes in London

Why sweat here?The Forgotten Circus School was born out of a desire to create a space where anyone could come and train and feel part of the Forgotten community. Their worldclass instructors can cater for all levels and will make sure everyone feels welcome and is given the support they need to progress.


OmGym: Traditional yoga asana in suspended form has been performed for thousands of years, although OmGym® coined the modern term “Suspension Yoga™” and has developed the framework for teaching and integrating ancient yogic practices into a strategized, user-friendly method. Within this framework, known as OmGym® Suspension Yoga™, OmGym® aims to augment the benefits derived from each asana using uniquely applied suspension-based techniques. These techniques help the practitioner to self-direct his-her own journey into the asana and beyond.

Suspension yoga reviews

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This was not the case. Yes there were some lovely deep stretches, but generally it was more like trapeze than yoga with somersaults, shoulder stands and moves where you folded yourself up in hammock fabric and hung upside down like some kind of human cat’s cradle.


Our Aerial Yoga Hammocks are top quality – you will feel the difference. The soft, strong, supportive nylon tricot aerial hammocks provide comfort and versatility for many uses. Plus they come with everything you need to get started. Our products are easy to install – we guide you through every step of the way!