Tesla generator theory

Tesla generator theory


Elsasser has modeled the earth-dynamo, conveniently for this explanation, on the Faraday generator of a metal disk spinning over a bar magnet placed at the edge of the disk. He notes, also, that the bar magnet could be replaced by an electromagnet which could get its power from the spinning disk by attaching one end of the electromagnet’s wire to the outside of the disk and the other end of the wire to the metal rod running through the center of the disk.

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Stick an antenna up in the air, the higher the better, and wire it to one side of a capacitor, the other going to a good earth ground, and the potential difference will then charge the capacitor. Connect across the capacitor some sort of switching device so that it can be discharged at rhythmic intervals, and you have an oscillating electric output. T.H. Moray simply expanded on Tesla’s idea to use high-voltage to create ionic oscillation.

Did Nikola Tesla Leave Us A Key to Free Energy?

Wireless charging has just over the past few years become a feasible technological product, but its scale has yet to reach the level at which Tesla originally envisioned it. While some companies have used the concept to create wireless charging devices for cell phones and small electronic devices, Tesla’s original intent was to provide a wireless network of power for anyone in the world to tap into.

How a Tesla Coil Works

The Tesla coil is well-known for producing extremely high voltages. In this section, we’ll explain how the oneTesla 10” coil can reach voltages over a quarter million volts using coupled resonant circuits. We’ll build up from the fundamentals, to give you a thorough explanation of what’s going on.

2. Theory of operation

In this chapter, we will discuss the theory of operation of Tesla coils in a general way. For the moment, let us introduce this short definition: "A Tesla coil is a device producing a high frequency current, at a very high voltage but of relatively small intensity". Basically, it works as a transformer and as a radio antenna, even if it differs radically from these.

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Max’s latest invention uses many of the principles posited by Nikola Tesla 75 years ago to harvest free energy from the atmosphere. Tesla Motors was named in his honor. Loughan’s invention uses an old coffee can, some coils of wire and a spoon. It makes enough energy to light a string of LED lights wrapped around his twin brother Jack, much to the astonishment of a film crew from TV station KTVN in Reno.


The power of the Tesla coil lies in a process called electromagnetic induction, i.e., a changing magnetic field creates an electric potential that compels current to flow. Conversely, the flowing electric current generates a magnetic field. When electricity flows through a wound up coil of wire, it generates a magnetic field that fills the area around the coil in a particular pattern, shown by the lines in the above picture.

In 1891, at the age of 35, Nikola Tesla registered the mother of all his more than 300 patents, known today as the ‘Tesla Coil’, an electrical transformer composed of several coupled resonant circuits. The inventor himself used different variants of this coil as the basis for a multitude of subsequent experiments, in which he studied the phenomena of phosphorescence or X-rays, and explored new possibilities for electric lighting and the wireless transmission of power.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is regarded by many as one of the best examples of ancient energy machines. It was a Tesla-like power plant created thousands of years ago maintain ancient astronaut theorists. They suggest it was a huge ancient structure that was capable of using the Earth’s natural properties in order to create or produce a great amount of energy.