Url filter pfsense

URL Filtering – How to Configure SquidGuard in pfSense

URL filtering is a method of blocking access to certain websites based on the web address. There are several commercial products available for URL or content filtering but you can actually set up a very robust system on your own using SquidGuard and pfSense. SquidGuard is a very useful plugin for the popular Squid proxy server that can be used for blocking,or redirecting web requests on your network.

Url filter pfsense
Url filter pfsense

Blocking Access to Websites

Transparent proxy for http is very easy to set up, you just enable Transparent HTTP Proxy in squid (and install the blacklist in squidguard but I will get to that later). Now all traffic should be going to your proxy server on port 3128. However, if you want to filter https then this is where it gets complicated, you have to enable SSL Man In the Middle Filtering and create Certificates and even after that you may get connection errors and all sorts of issues.

Url filter pfsense

Pfsense content and URL Filtering – Section 2 Proxy Filter

2-) Restart PfSense server first and then move to Services>Proxy Server and choose “Allow Users on Interface” and “Transparent” options.

Step 2: Also install squid proxy for Pakage manager

URL filtering is process of blocking access to particular website based on web address. There are many commercials products, which are available for URL or for the content filtering purpous but In Reality we can setup a too robust system on our own SquidGuard and in pfSense. SquidGuard is important plugin for Squid proxy server which can be used for the purpouse of blocking or redirecting the web request on our network.

pfSense – Squid + Squidguard – Traffic Shapping Tutorial

To confirm that the packages have been installed, refresh the web interface and goto "Services" menu and look for Proxy Server & Proxy Filter, if they both appear in the menu they have been installed correctly, reboot the pfSense Box.


The combination of CARP, pfsync, and our configuration synchronization provides high availability functionality. Two or more firewalls can be configured as a failover group. If one interface fails on the primary or the primary goes offline entirely, the secondary becomes active. The pfSense software also includes configuration synchronization capabilities, so you make your configuration changes on the primary and they automatically synchronize to the secondary firewall.

Web Filtering Primer. Caveat Right Up Front: GPLS is offering a primer here. The following will describe what filtering is, how it works and some suggested products. This is by no means a complete list. There are many many approaches to filtering, depending on what you want to accomplish. 

Man kann gut erkennen, dass der SNI vor dem Schlüsselaustausch und der eigentlichen sicheren Verbindung gesendet wird. Dieses Prinzip machen wir uns zunutze und können neben dem Webfilter für HTTP-Verbindungen auch einen URL-Filter für HTTPS-Verbindungen einrichten, ohne dabei HTTPS durch einen Man-in-the-Middle Angriff kaputt zu machen.

pfsense.org has an interesting slogan: “We make network security easy.” With thousands of enterprises using pfSense software, it is rapidly becoming the world’s most popular open source network security solution. pfSense is indeed an excellent firewall.