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Is there a way to see why a URL has been blocked, and how the website has been catagorized? For example, facebook.com can be blocked because of the Core Blocked Content policy, but is there a test that shows more detail such as that Facebook is blocked for Social Media, Audio-Video or Unmoderated Hosting.

Smoothwall 3.0 express with url filter

RADAR brings intelligent and intuitive digital monitoring to your school. With both online and offline functionality, your schools can detect high-risk activity and investigate its context with keylogging and screen captures – all within a highly visual interface.

Setup Smoothwall Express 3.0 as a second layer web proxy and filter.

If you find yourself using an external web proxy to handle your internet filtering but you have no control over that proxy then you can add smoothwall to the mix to give you the ability to add your own filters on top of the settings from your current web proxy.

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10 – Com a instalação dos aplicativos finalizados, vamos acessar o firewall pela sua interface web, no menuServices, verificamos que os aplicativos foram instalados corretamente. Vamos acessar cada um deles.

Url filter smoothwall

The role of web filtering in a modern security architecture

Over time, though, the web became more popular and useful, both for users and attackers, and web filtering providers needed to up their game again: simple URL filtering was used to allow access to example.com-news and block access to example.com-badstuff. Again, for a time, that was enough.

Url filter smoothwall


Smoothwall has been working in education for more than 10 years and currently protects more than 7,000 UK schools and 2.5 million students from accessing harmful content on the internet. Smoothwall is constantly developing their products and is fully invested in driving online safety initiatives.

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8. Scroll down to the “Do not require authentication for these domains….” section > Paste in the domains you also pasted in in step 3 > Click “Save and Restart”.

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Web Filter Logs changed… not exactly for the better. Now I can not specify time range. Specifying time for particular client only allows a max of 100-page – I need entire day of allowed and denies. It seems you are trying to migrate your users to use Reports, but using Web Filter Log, specifying date, time and how many rows, like 50,000 was a lot faster when I needed a quick report for client.