Url filtering vendors

Url filtering vendors

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This is accomplished through various components, including malware detection and URL filtering. In many instances, they also help prevent malware from "calling home" and can stop the inadvertent or intentional leakage of sensitive corporate and private data by regulating outbound traffic.

Url filtering vendors

Web Filtering Vendor

There are many different motives for contacting a web filtering online vendor with the intention of implementing an Internet filter. Whereas some companies will require the Internet content filtering vendor to stop employees accessing non-work related websites during working hours, other companies will be assessing the merits of website content filtering vendors to see if their products assist compliance with industry, state and federal regulations.

RSA conference is one of the leading security conference worldwide.  It creates tremendous opportunity for vendors, users and practitioners to innovate, educate and discuss around the current security landscape.

Url filtering vendors

Zscaler will now be traded on Nasdaq under the symbol ZS.

Users spend increasing time on the web, surfing their favorite sites, clicking on email links or utilizing a variety of web-based SaaS applications for both personal and business use. While this could be incredibly useful to drive business productivity, this kind of unfettered web activity exposes organizations to a range of security and business risks, such as propagation of threats, possible data loss and potential lack of compliance.

Url filtering vendors

Learn how to protect your network from threats by controlling the URLs that enter and leave it.

Secure Web Gateways typically consists of a number of features such as malware protection, URL filtering, content filtering, SSL content scanning, web based DLP capabilities. Deployment methods to look for include proxy, in-line and transparent \ bridge deployments as well as port mirroring\span port capabilities, ability to work with and integrate ICAP and WCCP.


The Firewall N2H2 Support feature provides users with an additional option when choosing the URL filter vendor. Just like the Websense URL filtering server, N2H2 interacts with your Cisco IOS firewall (also known as Cisco Secure Integrated Software ) to allow you to prevent users from accessing specified websites on the basis of some policy. The Cisco IOS firewall works with the N2H2 Internet Filtering Protocol (IFP) server to know whether a particular URL should be allowed or denied (blocked).

Suppose you type the name of your favorite social networking site on the web browser and it displays a message like “The policy of this organization doesn’t allow you to browse that website” and does not let you access the site from office, there is a URL filter that has been put in place by your IT department.

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The industries most comprehensive web categorization and filtering technology used by mobile operators, service providers, hardware vendors, software vendors, gateway appliance vendors, UTM vendors, AV vendors, advertising and publishing solutions, marketing technology, analytics, and many other solution providers.

Protect your organization by blocking access to malicious, hacked, or inappropriate websites with FortiGuard Web Filtering. Web filtering is the first line of defense against web-based attacks. Malicious or hacked websites, a primary vector for initiating attacks, trigger downloads of malware, spyware, or risky content.