World’s largest pump jack


The slow sway of the oilfield pumpjack, or nodding donkey as some call it, is one of the most familiar sights in Alberta. Drive around long enough and they become just another part of the landscape. But a small, innovative company based in Edmonton, Alberta named Canadian Control Works is re-imagining pumpjacks as green micro-generators.

World's largest pump jack

Pump Jack Market to Reach $3.8 Billion by 2023: P&S Market Research

Pump jacks are used in the petroleum industry to extract crude oil from wells, where there is not enough pressure in well to push oil to the surface. These are operated by creating artificial lifting system, which increases the pressure within an oil well to pull the oil to surface. The beam pumping method used by pump jack is the most common method of creating artificial lifting.

World's largest pump jack

Unsightly, Expensive Pump Jacks May be a Thing of the Past with Better Divergent Technology

Ken Berg: My background is in mechanical engineering, I worked in the E&P side for Dome Petroleum which was bought out in the largest acquisition of its time by Amoco. In 1992 I switched to the service side, I went to a small private company, Sanjel Corporation which was a small up and coming cementing company. I spent 20 years there doing engineering and sales, for the last half of that I was VP for sales. From the time I was there it was about a 1400% increase in revenues.

Future of fracking amid low oil prices

The first pumpjack structure was installed at an oilfield near Hull, Texas. Since then, it has become something of an unwitting icon of the oilfield landscape, especially in America where it is a common sight in oil-rich States. But despite its well-known presence, or perhaps even because of it, the pumpjack is bestowed a different name from person to person – each as interesting and entertaining as the next.

World's largest pump jack

Go Down, Pump Jack

Andy, a colorful oil tank truck driver for one of the largest petroleum and natural gas exploration companies in the country, is right to be concerned. The last five years have seen United States crude oil production nearly double, a steady climb from around 5.6 million barrels per day in 2011 to just over 9 million barrels per day in 2016. This is largely due to the adoption of induced hydraulic fracturing, a technique that has allowed previously inaccessible pockets of oil and natural gas to be extracted via new horizontal drilling technologies through shale rock formations.

World's largest pump jack

Pump Jack Sound Effect, California

On our way from Costa Mesa up to San Jose, we saw several pumpjacks but many of them didn’t work anymore but finally, we saw a few working and we stopped our car and tried to record as good as we could because we had very strong wind but it worked out.

World's largest pump jack

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An April 1, 1911, oil discovery brought prosperity to Electra, Texas, helping to build the community’s theater in 1920 and high school in 1923. A commemorative afghan is proudly held in 2005 by chamber of commerce members Shirley Craighead, Georgia Eakin and Jeanette Miller.

World's largest pump jack

‘Nodding donkeys’ challenged to pump oil from horizontal wells

“Every horizontal well — no matter where you are — has this problem,” said Jeff Saponja, chief executive officer of Heal Systems, a Calgary-based engineering company that is working with Schlumberger Ltd., the world’s biggest oil-service provider, on developing products that make pumps and pipes work more efficiently.