Yeast starter using stir plate

Yeast starter using stir plate

9 Best Stir Plates For Yeast Starters

If that’s an adventure you’re ready to tackle, you’ll need a yeast starter stir plate in your homebrewing toolkit. Finding the right one can help you create a healthy, oxygen-rich starter. You’ll improve the quality of your yeast, and in turn, the quality of your beer. Plus, you can experiment with different strains of yeast to create starters for any kind of beer.

Stir Plates and Growing Brewing Yeast Quickly

A stir plate is a simple machine consisting of a base which houses a motor with variable speed control. Fig 1. This motor is used to spin two precisely spaced magnets, which in turn will spin a magnetic stir bar inside your flask. The intent here is to use this stirring motion to:

Yeast starters will jump-start your fermentation, but you can supercharge the process with a stir plate, which uses a spinning magnet to keep the liquid in constant motion. This ensures that the yeast cells don’t settle, it keeps the cells in contact with wort while minimizing the concentration of “poisons” such as alcohol and CO2, and it exposes the starter to a regular influx of oxygen.

Yeast starter using stir plate

Making a Yeast Starter with a Stir Plate

The stir plate does a few important tasks, namely keeping the yeast active through movement and aerating the wort. Yeast are anaerobic, meaning they do not need yeast to live, however, they do need oxygen to procreate.

Starter: how long to keep on stir plate?

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How to Make a Yeast Starter

A yeast starter is essentially a mini batch of beer. The difference is that whereas you brew a batch of beer to have a tasty beverage, you make a yeast starter to make more yeast. So while you need to take into account flavor and aroma when brewing, the only thing you need to focus on with a starter is growing healthy yeast.

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Build Your Own Stir Plate

An inexpensive PC case fan from your local electronics retailer will work just fine, as will any case fan you can pull out of any old PC that might be sitting around your house. Garage sales are an excellent source for old PCs, and one PC will provide you with multiple fans and a hard drive from which you can pull a great magnet for use in this project.