Yogurt starter hong kong

Yogurt starter hong kong

Yogourmet Freeze-Dried Kefir Starter 1oz (1 Box – 6 Packs)

The 2 ingredients you’ll need are milk and store bought yogurt with live cultures – L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei. Buy organic if possible. I used Clover Organic Skim Milk and Yeo Valley Natural yogurt that are readily available from your local Park N Shop, Wellcome or HK’s gourmet grocery stores City Super, Oliver’s or Great Food Hall. You can substitute the yogurt with a Probiotic yogurt starter available at Just Green. For the purpose of this recipe, I’ve chosen to use store bought yogurt.

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We firmly believe that food can be tasty even when its labeled “healthy”.
We make it a conscious effort to ensure our ingredients and products are from the best quality sources, being in an era where food allergies have become severely prevalent.
Food should be more than just fuel for the body – it is a choice to help you lead a healthier and fuller life. People have come to trust the Foodcraft brand to deliver the best foods that are super tasty while nourishing your body.

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“We discovered that we could make it our­selves, and it wasn’t too difficult,” says Cheung, an architect who was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to Hong Kong a decade ago. “Before we knew it, we had friends trying out our first flavours and they were very enthu­siastic about them. We thought that we’d better take it more seriously. Before we knew it, we were on a boat to Discovery Bay, to our first market.”

Yogurt starter hong kong

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When the thermometer reads above 40C (I find it fine between 40C to 45C), give the jar of milk a good stir to make sure the temperature is uniform. Stir in the starter mixture, also making sure it is distributed and the temperature is within the range.

Yogurt starter hong kong

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For thousands of years people have been making their own yogurt – and it’s still the best way. FRESHLY-MADE yogurt is best! Freshly-made EasiYo is abundantly rich in absorbable nutrients and live lactic cultures, and as these beneficial cultures have a limited lifetime, you can’t get fresher or better than EasiYo.

Yogurt starter hong kong

What is Kefir?

So what exactly is Kefir? Well to start with it is not yogurt, though it has the same colour and texture as yogurt. Where yogurt is created by adding lactic acid bacteria to milk, kefir is made by combining milk with a small amount of kefir grains that contains a mixture of yeasts and lactobacillus bacteria.

Yogurt Makers

Our free Yomee app will be iOS and Android compatible. Besides offering countless yogurt-based recipes, the app lets you select what yogurt style you want your Yomee to make: a thick Greek-style yogurt, a traditional plain yogurt, or a smoothie-style stirred yogurt. Plus, our app keeps you well informed about every stage of the yogurt-making process, alerting you when the yogurt is heating, cooling, incubating, and ready to eat!

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